Stupid People

Britt McHenry Just Can’t Stop Being a Bully

She has a college degree, a job in the news, a mouth full of teeth, and she’s been busted AGAIN for being a nasty bully. Continue reading “Britt McHenry Just Can’t Stop Being a Bully”

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Memorial Vigils for Tampons

This has GOT to be THE funniest thing I have ever blogged about.  Like I said earlier, yesterday was a VERY interesting day on the interwebz.  First I dealt with the foul stench of a rage-filled Neo-Nazi Hell bent on taking over the entire country.  And then I encountered THIS delusional chap….. Continue reading “Memorial Vigils for Tampons”

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Dear Men: Women Don’t Owe You Shit

I really hate to write two bitch rant posts in a row, but something came to a head yesterday that I feel compelled to write about since I know that MANY other women and girls deal with this same issue all the time:  The dreaded and cringe-worthy issue of Male Entitlement….also known as the “Nice Guy”™ Syndrome. Continue reading “Dear Men: Women Don’t Owe You Shit”

Stupid People

Get a Grip, Britt McHenry.

I recently signed up for Twitter.  I briefly used it four years ago when I was following a group of friends as they tweeted details of their cross-country tour around America.  I write articles about politics and social activism under a pen name and network with a lot of others who do the same, Continue reading “Get a Grip, Britt McHenry.”

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The Hypocricy of ESPN

I don’t care much for sports and I never watch ESPN, but I was a little perturbed when I heard the news that one of ESPN’s employees, Curt Schilling, was fired for making political statements on his personal Facebook page. Continue reading “The Hypocricy of ESPN”