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The Chameleon Personality

It sucks when your longtime friendship with someone deteriorates because their personality goes through a sudden huge change.  Sadly, this isn’t the first time I’ve dealt with this and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Continue reading “The Chameleon Personality”

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Christian Extremism Is Just As Bad As Muslim Extremism

I’m still battling a nasty head cold while also trying to get myself prepared for my upcoming trip to Denver this weekend and get as much work done as I possibly can before I leave early on Friday morning.  I’m sitting here at my computer trying to do some work with a pile of used Kleenexes littering my desk and my mini space heater sitting on the floor next to me blowing hot air on my shivering feverish body.  It’s not going very well. Continue reading “Christian Extremism Is Just As Bad As Muslim Extremism”

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Satanism 101

While many people were celebrating Easter this past weekend, I went about my usual business unaware that it was even Easter weekend until someone mentioned it to me.  Although I was brought up in a Fundamentalist Southern Baptist church as a young child, I completely turned my back on organized religion a few years ago, and I never felt happier and more free in my life since doing so. Continue reading “Satanism 101”