Family, Loss & Grief

Remembering Uncle Frank

Two years ago today my Uncle Frank passed away after a long battle with cirrhosis, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s Disease.  So this is a post about the fond memories I have of him. Continue reading “Remembering Uncle Frank”

Loss & Grief

The Ugly Truth About Drug Addiction


The woman pictured above is my friend Sara.  Thirty-three years old, single mother of two girls, and financially independent.  We became friends shortly after I moved to Florida almost four years ago.  We were never very close friends, but Sara has always been very kind and generous to me.  She looked out for me back when I was a naive newcomer to Florida who didn’t yet know how to deal with all of the crazy wackos around here.  And when I was injured and temporarily unable to work three years ago, she told me that I was welcome to as much money in her bank account as I needed. Continue reading “The Ugly Truth About Drug Addiction”