Happy International Women’s Day!

In acknowledgement of International Women’s Day, here’s a very fitting and classic song by Peter Gabriel.  Peter wrote this song in 1989 as a tribute to the women’s movement in Africa, where women had few, if any, rights.  But if you listen to the lyrics, you’ll see that this song can apply to all women around the world. Continue reading “Happy International Women’s Day!”

Family, Loss & Grief

Visits From The Other Side

Ever since Grandma died, I’ve been waiting and looking for signs that she is still somehow around me.  I’ve read a lot about the spirit world over the years, and some of the information I’ve heard and read has come from well known spiritual mediums who are able to make contact with the dead and have inside knowledge of how they operate. Continue reading “Visits From The Other Side”


Happy 67th Birthday, Peter Gabriel!!

Today is Peter Gabriel’s 67th birthday (as well as my best friend Nate’s 36th  birthday).  I have been a BIG fan of Peter Gabriel and his music for the last two decades.  So here is a little backstory about how I became a Peter Gabriel fan. Continue reading “Happy 67th Birthday, Peter Gabriel!!”


Why We March

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending one of the many women’s protest marches across the country and around the globe.  Since I was not able or willing to attend the main march in Washington D.C., I attended the stationary rally here in my own city. Continue reading “Why We March”


Family Legacies

Recently my father sent me some old family photos that I had requested after Grandma passed away.  And some of them are REALLY old.  With so many of our relatives having suddenly died in the last year, I suddenly felt the urge to help keep the memory of my ancestors alive by displaying these old photos of them around my home just like Grandma had done when she was alive.  So check these out….. Continue reading “Family Legacies”