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America’s Own Terrorists: Neo-Nazi White Nationalists

Yesterday was an interesting day on the interwebz, to say the very least.  Among other scum and garbage, I had the unfortunate luck of running into a Neo Nazi White Nationalist on Twitter after he jumped into one of my conversations. Continue reading “America’s Own Terrorists: Neo-Nazi White Nationalists”

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From Class to Trash

I must warn you right now before you begin reading that this is not exactly going to be a feminist post. Continue reading “From Class to Trash”


Way To Go, America

As Sinclair Lewis once famously said, “When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”  And I fear that Fascism has now finally arrived at our doorstep and is standing there waiting for us to usher it inside of our home. Continue reading “Way To Go, America”


Why This Election Is Driving Me to Madness

For the last sixteen years, I’ve noticed that each Presidential election has gotten uglier and more frightening.  And this current election is by far the ugliest, scariest, and most disgusting one I’ve ever seen.  To be honest, it is literally stressing me out and making me crazy, and I know I’m not the only one, either. Continue reading “Why This Election Is Driving Me to Madness”

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Ignorant Butthurt Strikes Again

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about political elections in the past few cycles, it’s that it has all become so reckless and divisive that it is brainwashing people and making them crazy.  Over the past several years, I have watched more and more of my friends and relatives become completely different, unrecognizable people after succumbing to carefully edited and controlled media sound bytes. Continue reading “Ignorant Butthurt Strikes Again”

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Christian Extremism Is Just As Bad As Muslim Extremism

I’m still battling a nasty head cold while also trying to get myself prepared for my upcoming trip to Denver this weekend and get as much work done as I possibly can before I leave early on Friday morning.  I’m sitting here at my computer trying to do some work with a pile of used Kleenexes littering my desk and my mini space heater sitting on the floor next to me blowing hot air on my shivering feverish body.  It’s not going very well. Continue reading “Christian Extremism Is Just As Bad As Muslim Extremism”

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The Middle Class Is Dead

If it seems that I’ve been posting an overabundance of blog posts lately, it’s because I worked myself sick again last week and have been at home resting.  Today is my third day of lying around the house doing nothing, and I’m bored stiff. Continue reading “The Middle Class Is Dead”