Happy 67th Birthday, Peter Gabriel!!

Today is Peter Gabriel’s 67th birthday (as well as my best friend Nate’s 36th  birthday).  I have been a BIG fan of Peter Gabriel and his music for the last two decades, and I even have a few very interesting connections to Peter.  So here is a little backstory about how I became a Peter Gabriel fan. Continue reading “Happy 67th Birthday, Peter Gabriel!!”

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R.I.P. Prince

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called Life.

I was in utter shock today when I learned the news of music legend Prince’s sudden death. Jesus, we’re only four months into 2016, and we’re still losing more irreplaceable music legends one right after another. Continue reading “R.I.P. Prince”


Sting and Peter Gabriel Together At Last

I’ve been absolutely beside myself with joy and excitement for the past two months every since I learned that my two most favorite music artists, Sting and Peter Gabriel, are touring together this summer across Canada and the Northern United States for their “Rock, Paper, Scissors Tour.” Continue reading “Sting and Peter Gabriel Together At Last”