Family, Loss & Grief

A Final Parting Gesture

A few weeks, I wrote about the recent passing of my last remaining grandparent.  It was mostly uneventful for me because I had not seen her in many years and never had much of a relationship with her at all.  Then about two weeks ago I got a pleasant surprise from her. Continue reading “A Final Parting Gesture”

Family, Loss & Grief

Visits From The Other Side

Ever since Grandma died, I’ve been waiting and looking for signs that she is still somehow around me.  I’ve read a lot about the spirit world over the years, and some of the information I’ve heard and read has come from well known spiritual mediums who are able to make contact with the dead and have inside knowledge of how they operate. Continue reading “Visits From The Other Side”

Family, Loss & Grief

A Year of Silence

One year ago today I received the worst news of my entire life:  that Grandma—my beloved adoptive parent, caretaker, and sturdy Rock of support—had suddenly passed away at home without any warning.  I hate this day, and I will hate this date for the rest of my life. Continue reading “A Year of Silence”