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Home Art and Decor Projects

Now that most of the major projects for my home have been completed, it’s time for the fun part:  Artwork and photography decor!!!! Continue reading “Home Art and Decor Projects”

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Home Improvement Part 3

It has been quite awhile since I’ve posted on my blog due the fact that I have been working myself nearly seven days a week lately and immersing myself in some home improvement projects that I’ve been wanting to finish forever.  But now that I finally had some free time this weekend, I wanted to sit down and fire off a couple of posts to make up for lost time. Continue reading “Home Improvement Part 3”

Home Improvement

Mission Accomplished!!

A few months ago I wrote a blog post about how I badly wanted to buy a Westminster grandfather clock just like the one that sat in my family’s living room for three decades.  Due to the extraordinarily high cost of this type of clock, it seemed unlikely that I would ever be able to buy one anytime in the foreseeable near future….or even in the next few years.  And that bummed me out, because I REALLY wanted one to help me remember my family and our beloved home. Continue reading “Mission Accomplished!!”