Happy International Women’s Day!

In acknowledgement of International Women’s Day, here’s a very fitting and classic song by Peter Gabriel.  Peter wrote this song in 1989 as a tribute to the women’s movement in Africa, where women had few, if any, rights.  But if you listen to the lyrics, you’ll see that this song can apply to all women around the world. Continue reading “Happy International Women’s Day!”


Why We March

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending one of the many women’s protest marches across the country and around the globe.  Since I was not able or willing to attend the main march in Washington D.C., I attended the stationary rally here in my own city. Continue reading “Why We March”

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Memorial Vigils for Tampons

This has GOT to be THE funniest thing I have ever blogged about.  Like I said earlier, yesterday was a VERY interesting day on the interwebz.  First I dealt with the foul stench of a rage-filled Neo-Nazi Hell bent on taking over the entire country.  And then I encountered THIS delusional chap….. Continue reading “Memorial Vigils for Tampons”

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Dear Men: Women Don’t Owe You Shit

I really hate to write two bitch rant posts in a row, but something came to a head yesterday that I feel compelled to write about since I know that MANY other women and girls deal with this same issue all the time:  The dreaded and cringe-worthy issue of Male Entitlement….also known as the “Nice Guy”™ Syndrome. Continue reading “Dear Men: Women Don’t Owe You Shit”

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From Class to Trash

I must warn you right now before you begin reading that this is not exactly going to be a feminist post. Continue reading “From Class to Trash”

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Ignorant Butthurt Strikes Again

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about political elections in the past few cycles, it’s that it has all become so reckless and divisive that it is brainwashing people and making them crazy.  Over the past several years, I have watched more and more of my friends and relatives become completely different, unrecognizable people after succumbing to carefully edited and controlled media sound bytes. Continue reading “Ignorant Butthurt Strikes Again”

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The Root Cause of Female Bullying And Why We Need To Teach Girls How To Love Themselves

I was disgusted to recently read about the death of a high school girl in Delaware who was killed at her school.  I saw the story on one of the popular feminist blogs that I follow.  Sixteen-year-old Amy Francis-Joyner was beaten to death by a group of girls in a restroom at her school….all because of competition for attention from a particular boy. Continue reading “The Root Cause of Female Bullying And Why We Need To Teach Girls How To Love Themselves”