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Kindred Souls

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be taking a short trip to Denver next month.  Despite the fact that my own brother lived in Denver for several years, I have never been to Colorado nor ever seen the Rocky Mountains before, so this will be a big First for me. Continue reading “Kindred Souls”

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Sleepless Ocean Nights

There are many perks to being independent and childfree, and one of those perks is that I am free to indulge in whatever small pleasures I feel like at any time of the day or night.  So on those occasional nights when I am bored and/or unable to sleep and need something interesting to do, I take advantage of the fact that I live so close to the ocean and enjoy some quiet “Me Time” at the beach. Continue reading “Sleepless Ocean Nights”

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Please Take Your Nose Out Of My Vagina

The other day, my fellow childfree friend Rachel and I were talking and rolling our eyes about the intrusive, rude, and hateful remarks we sometimes receive from people simply because we don’t have any kids.  Apparently you can be an unwed sixteen year old mother or have a bunch of kids by different men that you can’t afford to support, and yet people will still glorify you for it simply because you’re a “mother”.  But if you dare to make the informed decision to have NO kids at all, then suddenly everyone thinks it is their Divine Right and Duty to question you about it and tell you how wrong and evil and selfish you are and how your life has no purpose or meaning at all. Continue reading “Please Take Your Nose Out Of My Vagina”