Home Improvement

Home Improvement Part 3

It has been quite awhile since I’ve posted on my blog due the fact that I have been working myself nearly seven days a week lately and immersing myself in some home improvement projects that I’ve been wanting to finish forever.  But now that I finally had some free time this weekend, I wanted to sit down and fire off a couple of posts to make up for lost time.

After nearly two years in this residence, I’m FINALLY getting around to starting on some major home projects that should have been done long ago.  But time and money constraints have a way of getting in the way of things like that.

The first project I finally got started on was getting some custom draperies on my damn windows.  One of the reasons I’m just now finally getting around to this is because this is one of those projects that required some physical assistance.  It takes at least two sets of hands to properly install the curtain rods.  My friends Brandon and Tracy were kind enough to donate an evening of their time to come over and help me with this part of the project.  Working together, we carefully measured, leveled, and installed double rods on the living room and kitchen windows.  And on top of that, they even presented me with a “late housewarming gift”:  my very own brand new power drill!!!  Now I can use it to work on all kinds of indoor and outdoor home projects all on my own.  Now THOSE are true friends!!!

The double rod above the sliding glass patio door was especially large and heavy to handle.  I purchased the smaller rods from Walmart and the larger rods from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  I also purchased the draperies, tassels, and tie-back knobs from Bed, Bath, and Beyond since they have some of the best quality curtains and accessories.  $208 later, here was the finished result:


Naturally, I went with a very elegant Victorian look just like Grandma would have had in her house.  I chose a gold pocket valance with hanging fringe and after much deliberation decided to go with the 84″ Argentina drapery panels in deep burgundy.  I almost went with the Spellbound panels instead, but I thought the shiny sheer taffeta fabric of the Argentina panels was a better fit for the Victorian look.  The burgundy draperies exactly match the color of my living room couches, and I think the burgundy and gold colors go well with the deep blue color of my walls.  As a finishing touch, I chose the largest and most ornate looking gold tie-back tassels available and screwed large ornate gold curtain rod ends into the wall to use as tassel holders.


As an added decorative touch, I also purchased decorative sea shell end knobs for the drapery rods to add to the overall nautical theme of my home.


The other living room window is currently half finished with the gold fringe valance curtains hung over it, but it will take another $200 to dress it up with another set of Argentina drapery panels with the same gold tassels and tie back knobs.  Of course, I could have saved a lot of money by just choosing curtains from Walmart or Target, but I like high quality things and high quality things cost lots of money….hence why I’ve been working for nearly two weeks straight without a break.  The kitchen window has a temporary valance curtain hanging over it, and I still have yet to choose curtains for the bedrooms.  It looks a million times better in my living room now that I finally have curtains on the windows, and I can’t wait to get each and every window fully dressed!!

My other project I’m also in the middle of completing is painting and decorating my spare bedroom.  The painting is all finished, but I still need to add a wallpaper border which will require some assistance.  I will share before and after photos of that room later on after it’s completely finished.


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