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Britt McHenry Just Can’t Stop Being a Bully

She has a college degree, a job in the news, a mouth full of teeth, and she’s been busted AGAIN for being a nasty bully.

You would think that after being caught red-handed viciously bullying a blue-collar worker on video and then pleading and promising the public that she was “definitely not” a bully like she appeared to be on the video that Britt McHenry would do her very best to prove herself right by….you know….not acting like a bully ever again.  But apparently, being a nasty bully IS who she really is (as if we all didn’t already know that), and Miss Britt-Britt just can’t help herself from bullying people and just generally acting like a huge bitch with a large stick up her ass on a regular basis.

As I’ve mentioned before, Britt McHenry does NOT handle ANY kind of criticism well.  At all.  Behind that arrogant, overly self-confident outer facade lies a veeeeeeeerrrry fragile ego.  More fragile than hand blown glass.  Even the slightest hint of criticism or backhanded compliment provokes her into a Narcissistic rage.  And if you’re a whiz at knowing how to search through Twitter and other social media platforms, then you’ll find that a large number of people are aware of this and have been on the receiving end of McHenry’s raging insecurity and butt-hurt.  Here’s just one of many examples:


As you can see from the screen shot above, Miss Britt just could not resist “liking” Courtney’s critical tweet about her as a passive-aggressive way of saying “Fuck you”.  Couldn’t someone who is so “big and important and famous” as McHenry claims to be simply just ignore the tweet?  Why even give it any kind of response?  Of course, the answer to that question is because that’s what Narcissists do.

Unfortunately for McHenry and her delicate fragile ego, she is not very well liked by the majority of Americans anymore since her infamous Narcissistic rage-induced outburst at the office of Advance Towing in Arlington.  Literally millions of people have seen her for what she truly is and have not pulled any punches when it comes to publicly expressing their thoughts and opinions about her.



OUCH!!!  But hey, if you’re going to walk around acting like your shit doesn’t stink and viciously talking down to other people, then you can expect that people are going to knock you down several pegs where you belong.

So what do you do when you’re a raging Narcissist with a paper thin ego who cannot tolerate anyone uttering an unflattering word about you, yet you know you can’t openly bully people without being seen, reported to your employer, and then possibly fired for it?  Answer: You create a fake social media account and bully anyone who criticizes you while pretending to be someone else.  And that’s where Britt conjured up her fake alter ego Twitter profile “Emilia Buck”:  Hardore sports fan and SUPER hardcore Britt McHenry fan.  (Real original, huh?)

Let’s take a good look at this Emilia Buck’s character and Twitter profile:  A female sports fanatic; very infrequent and sporadic activity….mostly occuring only to suddenly jump in and defend Britt McHenry whenever anyone mentions her name in a negative way; ALL of the tweets either talk about the Philadelphia Eagles team or slather sugary praise onto Britt McHenry; only ONE follower; all 36 accounts she is following are celebrities, sports reporters, and sports teams accounts…no actual friends or people she knows; and a profile photo that was ripped off from French make-up artist Cynthia Dulude’s Pinterest page.  Hmmm….seems legit.


Wow.  Just WOW.  This was only a few of her tweets I thought to screen capture before she deleted her fake account, but virtually every single tweet was about Britt McHenry and how she was so gorgeous and stunning with perfect hair and how she was just like a living Barbie Doll.  (BARF!!!!!!)  And if all of that wasn’t enough to induce you to vomit, then get a load of THIS screen capture that was saved by another Twitter user last year:


“Beautiful and wealthy”….”upper echelon of society”….making “several hundred thousand dollars” a year????  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!  Oh my fucking Lord, this is just pure GOLD!!!!  And I LOVE how “Emilia” humbly states that she “guesses she just has to accept the fact” that Britt is super wealthy and lives in the upper crust of society.  Yep, she’s right up there with the Vanderbilts and the Rockefellers alright!!  LMAO!!  As for her making a salary of “several hundred thousand dollars” a year as a rookie sideline reporter, PLEASE.  If anyone actually believes that’s true, then I have some oceanfront property in Missouri to sell you.  I have several friends who are experienced attorneys who aren’t even making several hundred thousand dollars a year.  Britt very likely makes around $60k a year at most, which is why she lives in a tiny one bedroom/one bathroom apartment.  Seriously, one would have to be afflicted with an extreme case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder along with an INCREDIBLE amount of insecurity in order to create a fake social media account just to wax poetically this much about how beautiful, wealthy, and successful they are.  This is just as sad as it is pathetic and hilarious.  McHenry is in serious need of some professional mental help.

Here’s another collection of tweets I gathered and put together for comparative evidence.  Here Britt tweeted about not being able to see why every guy loves Emma Watson.  (Jealous much, Britt?).  As you can see, one male tweeter gave Britt the business by outright telling her that she lacks the beauty and class that Emma Watson has, while another male tweeter commented that he preferred Mandy Moore to Emma Watson.  The very next day, “Emilia” suddenly tweets some kind of psychobabble about Emma Watson and Mandy Moore being role models for strippers and prostitutes:


What the fuck is she babbling about here????  Unless I’m unaware of something, since when have Emma Watson or Mandy Moore ever stripped or sold their bodies for sex???  Is Britt…er, I mean “Emilia”…sure she isn’t just projecting and referring to HERSELF??  Because I do seem to recall seeing some racy, half nude, pin-up photos of Britt McHenry that were being circulated around the internet in the aftermath of her videotaped bullying incident…..



BOOM, that’s what I thought!!!  This bitch is just projecting her own guilt and shame onto everyone else because she let herself be photographed half naked.  I’d be willing to bet that she probably used these photos to help convince the male executives at ESPN to give her a job.  I wouldn’t doubt it!!  And I guess the thought that some men prefer Emma Watson or Mandy Moore over her sent her into a jealous rage, hence her ridiculous weird tweet about them as “Emilia Buck”.

Just to give you an idea of how fucked up in the head a person has to be in order to do what Britt was doing, I’m going to share another example of this same behavior that I personally dealt with from someone else:

Many years ago I went to school with a girl who used to create fake social media profiles just like Britt.  And just like Britt, this girl was EXTREMELY insecure and had a desperate need to be popular, have the title of “hottest girl on campus”, and be liked by everyone.  Also like Britt, she had a huge ego that masked an extremely fragile and insecure sense of self.  So whenever she would hear that someone around school had said something unflattering about her, she would log into one of her fake social media or instant messaging accounts, track down the unsuspecting person who dared to utter a negative word about her, and bombard them with numerous vulgar harassing messages and threats of outright violence, all while hiding behind a computer keyboard pretending to be someone else since she didn’t have the guts to openly say these vulgar insults and threats out loud and in person herself.  She also had a fake MySpace account posing as a made-up girl from Texas, and all of the status posts were almost entirely about how she was so sexy and perfect….exactly like Britt McHenry’s fake account “Emilia” always posted about nothing else but how beautiful and perfect Britt was.  Obviously, that made it easy for me and everyone else to quickly deduce that both this girl’s and Britt McHenry’s troll accounts were fakes that were being run by them.

This girl was also so volatile and mentally ill that she was asked to leave by two different schools and told not to come back until she had sought professional mental health counseling because she was so mentally unstable.  She spent several years bouncing around between at least four different schools before finally giving up on trying to finish and graduate.  I finally realized the extent of her mental illness when at one point she became so enraged at me that she stole my dead grandfather’s online obituary photo and personal information and used it to create another fake MySpace profile impersonating him.  She then filled the fake profile of my dead grandfather with all kinds of sickening filth about him burning in Hell for having “sucked his granddaughters’ clits and fucked his grandsons’ assholes”, covered the profile with pictures of dead mutilated fetuses, and then messaged several of my grieving family members through that profile.  Yeah….just let all of that sink in for a minute.

Except for creating the fake child pedophilia profile impersonating my dead grandfather and issuing death threats, Britt McHenry has been doing pretty much all of the exact same things to people that this seriously disturbed girl I attended school with used to do.  So that should give you a pretty good idea of just how messed up the in the head Britt must be if she is doing the same behavior that this other girl did.  Mentally healthy people simply do not create fake social media accounts just to go on and on about how attractive, successful, popular, and perfect they are and attack anyone who disagrees.  That’s the sign of someone who is extremely insecure, has no self-worth, and is utterly desperate for attention, validation, and acceptance.

Unfortunately for Britt, she’s no better at creating convincing fake profiles than the other girl was, so it hasn’t been difficult at all for anyone who has had to interact with her alter ego “Emilia” to quickly sniff out that it is in fact Britt hiding behind that profile.  Here are some screen captures of tweets by people who were suddenly ambushed by “Emilia” after mentioning Britt’s name in a critical way.  They obviously smelled a rat when they were suddenly ambushed by some random stranger with an egg profile photo rabidly sticking up for Britt.  Unfortunately, “Emilia” deleted all of her tweets from this conversation before they could be screen captured….which just so happens to be the exact same thing Britt McHenry often does with her own tweets on her real Twitter account whenever she gets into a nasty cat fight with someone.  Uh huh….the plot thickens.








I was already aware of this suspicious looking Twitter account for some time, and my suspicions were confirmed when this account suddenly ambushed ME one day after I had participated in a Twitter conversation about Britt.  This “Emilia” account had been dormant for several months and then suddenly it came to life and knew exactly which Twitter users’ conversation to jump into and start throwing out insults.  In fact, I had already blocked Miss Priss on Twitter, so she couldn’t even SEE my tweets anyway….meaning she must have been doing some pretty hard searching and digging in order to look up mentions of her name in conversations (which she is well known for doing).

I knew in my gut that it was Britt hiding behind the fake  “Emilia Buck” profile, and I called her out on it several times.  But of course she played dumb and denied it.  Unfortunately, I was not able to screen capture any of the tweets before “Emilia” deleted all of them (as usual) and then blocked me.  But being that I am a huge bitch, targeting me while hiding behind her fake profile was her biggest mistake.  I decided right then and there that I was going to completely expose her and prove without a doubt that it was really her hiding behind that fake profile.

Since I’m a whiz when it comes to computers, I quickly came up with the idea of looking up the available account information listed for the fake profile.  I was able to do this by logging out, and then clicking on the “Forgot Password” link on the login page.  I was then directed to enter the either the email address, phone number, or user name of the account I was trying to access.  I entered the username emilia_buck and clicked Next.  On the following screen, I was given the option of either having a password reset link sent to the email address registered on the account or a text message sent to the phone number registered with the account.  A partial email address and a partial phone number were listed.  I then went back to the first page and typed in the user name for Britt’s official account and clicked Next again.  I knew that only one account could be registered under an email address but that a phone number could be listed for multiple accounts.  I had a hunch that the same partial phone number might show up under both accounts, and I wanted to find out for sure.  And when I clicked Next, low and behold, look what I found:



I KNEW IT!!!  Right there plain as day was the same last two digits listed for the phone numbers under BOTH accounts, proving beyond a doubt that Britt McHenry was in fact the owner and operator of the “Emilia Buck” troll account.  I now had proof that she had all along been tweeting compliments to herself and creeping through random people’s Twitter conversations to jump in and bully anyone who dared to say anything negative about her.  Since she knew she couldn’t openly bully people without getting slaughtered in the media again and possibly losing her job for it, she thought she could get away with it by sneakily posing as someone else under a fake account.  But unfortunately for her, she messed with the WRONG bitch.

Only a few hours after I shared the above image on Twitter and publicly outed her, the fake account was quickly shut down.  Obviously she deleted it to cover her ass once she realized that she had been caught red-handed and exposed to everyone.  In addition to deleting the fake profile, Britt also removed her phone number from her official account.  Too little, too late, bitch, everyone has already seen the proof and it cannot be unseen!

As if this entire fiasco couldn’t be any funnier, Britt somehow managed to make it even MORE hilarious and cringe-worthy by tweeting several times about the need for Twitter to step in and do something about people who create fake profiles to troll and harass people:




I literally have no words for this.  I’m utterly overwhelmed by the irony and hypocrisy.  I’m now convinced that if you were to look up the word “hypocrite” in the dictionary, this bitch’s picture would be listed next to the definition.  The only explanation I can come up with for this is that this is merely more projection where Britt is taking her guilty conscience and projecting it onto other people again.

And her obsessed male fans are just as bad if not even worse than she is….which doesn’t really surprise me at all since anyone who knows anything about abusive personalities knows that people who bully, stalk, threaten, and demean others tend to gravitate towards one another and stick together.  Like attracts like.  These “white knights” as I call them have their noses so far up McHenry’s ass that they can smell what she ate for her last meal.  They incessantly praise her every word and photo on social media and lower themselves to begging her to go on dates with them.  They regularly police her Twitter mentions for any negative comments in threads containing her name, and then stalk, insult, and sometimes even threaten anyone who mocks, criticizes with, or disagrees with her.  Judging from their photos, virtually all of them are unattractive, overweight, underachieving, lonely, and/or older men who haven’t been laid in years (if ever yet) and spend their nights masturbating to her overly-photoshopped and posed selfies.  Sad….just sad.

So far I’ve had TWO of her crazed male fans suddenly contact me out of nowhere and reveal to me that they know my full name, where I live, where I’ve worked, etc.  They both showed me screen shots of my other Twitter account that is run under my writing pseudonym, and judging from the images they sent me these screen captures were taken some time ago, meaning these creepy guys have been stalking me for quite some time already.  I do not post my real name on any of my social media accounts, so when I asked them how they knew my name, they both answered “Anyone can do a Google search.”  But these two professional toilet bowls are complete unknown strangers to me, so how would they even know what name to search for in the first place?  Of course, I already suspect the answer to this is that McHenry has been sharing my name and what little info she knows about me with some of her most adoring “fans” and encouraging them to creep on me and threaten me since she DOES know my name.  Bitch better watch herself and stop sharing my personal information with strangers unless she wants to be “missing some teeth”, as she once infamously said, because I can easily make that happen!!


Judging from the two hideous cretins pictured above and their disturbing behavior, it gives you a pretty eye-opening idea of what kind of people Britt keeps company with, which doesn’t reflect very well upon her.  The scary looking Asian guy pictured on the left above has tons of photos of himself with Britt and apparently went to high school with her, so he’s obviously lost so deep in the Friend Zone territory that he can’t find his way back home.  He actually threatened to dox me, which is ILLEGAL, but he quickly backed off after I contacted his employer.

The other walking pile of shit on the right who calls himself “Scooter”….WOW, I don’t even know where to begin with this clown!  He claims to be a “dear friend” of Britt’s, but I can tell from his activity that he’s never even met her and likely thinks of himself as her “friend” just because she responded to one of his tweets one random time in the past.  I quickly deduced from a brief perusal of his profile that he is a 30-something year old incel (look it up if you don’t know what “incel” means) who lives in Mama’s basement, spends most of his time collecting baseball cards and such, and has a love obsession with Britt goes back many years all the way back to when she first appeared on a local news network right out of college.  Jesus…a celebrity-obsessed loner who has no life and lives in his parents’ basement….sounds like the makings of another “Buffalo Bill” character.

I also found that at one point in the past some sort of “drama” happened between this guy and Britt.  The way he tells it, he “became a bit of an overbearing fan” and she blocked him on all social media for a year and a half.  Which in plain English means that he became so obsessed with her that she got creeped out and blocked him.  He spent that entire 18 month period bitching, whining, and sniveling every damn day that Britt had “got a big head and turned on him after she made it big with ESPN”.  Like any picture perfect example of mental health and stability, he went back and forth between being furious at her for blocking him and crying to her other social media followers and begging them to give her messages from him and try to convince her to unblock him.  Eventually she DID unblock him a year and a half later once she realized that she could take advantage of his obsession for her and use him to do some of her dirty work for her….like siccing him on anyone who dares to criticize her.  He still tweets and messages her every single day, and she mostly ignores him except for when she wants to use him as her personal attack dog against anyone she’s mad at.  And he eagerly complies.

This turd ambushed me just recently, insinuated that I was ugly and had no job (Britt’s dumbass fans are a lot like Trump supporters–they think everyone else besides Britt is unemployed), revealed to me that he knew my name and had been watching me for quite awhile now and had been reading my blog, and then snarled that he was “sick of my shit”.

Ummmm……WHAT shit?!?  Until that moment, I had neither heard of nor ever had any kind of contact with this guy in order for him to “be sick of me”.  And Miss Priss and I don’t communicate with each other on Twitter, and in fact I blocked her not long ago.  She can’t see anything I post and vice versa.  So the “shit” that this pathetic simp claims to be “sick of” is merely the fact that he and other simps like him just can’t stand to see anyone participating in any conversations about their spank idol that isn’t glowing with adoring praise, rainbows, and unicorn farts.  Simply ignoring it and minding their own business like normal people is apparently beyond their capabilities.  Both of these fat nasty shitbags laughably threatened to “file police reports on me for every single negative remark I make about poor Britt”, so I took that as a challenge and decided to keep them very busy for awhile.  If they make good on their word, which they WON’T, then there should now be about two dozen police reports in the process of being filed.  LMAO!!!!

But seriously, I don’t speak to or communicate with Bitch McHorrible.  I have no desire to because I think she’s garbage.  But I CAN and DO occasionally join in and agree with other people who post criticisms of her behavior, and I have every legal right to do so.  It’s called Freedom of Speech.  If these simps can’t handle someone not kissing the ass of their masturbatory fantasy girl and want anyone who does to be arrested, then they can either go find a Safe Space to hide away in or move to North Korea where those dictatorial kinds of attitudes are allowed.

And to be brutally honest, using these obsessed, unstable troglodytes to do her dirty bidding may very likely come back to bite Britt in the ass in a very bad way someday.  These guys are not mentally stable, and men like that usually feel they are owed something in return for doing favors for a woman.  Eventually theses guys are going to expect Britt to repay them for sticking up for her by showing them extra attention, going out on dates with them, having sex with them, entering into relationships with them, or whatever else they are wanting from her.  And when they don’t get what they want and she continues to treat them in a peripheral manner, one of them may one day snap and track her down and kill her.  Obsessed fans stalk and harm/kill celebrities all the time.  Britt is playing with fire by taking advantage of these mentally unhinged guys’ obsessive affections for her and using them to get even with anyone who pisses her off.

And just in case any more of Britt’s crazy, pathetic, loser simp fans are watching me and reading this, you best listen to what I’m going to say next and listen good: You do not scare me.  I don’t care how much you know or THINK you know about me, you don’t scare me.  Not one bit.  So I would advice you to back the fuck up away from me and just move along, because I will END YOU if you ever attempt to violate any of my personal boundaries and make trouble for me.  Trust me, you don’t know who you’re dealing with.  If you think your wildest hopes and dreams of one day achieving access to Britt’s worn out mediocre vagina are worth invading the privacy and physical boundaries of someone you don’t even know, then I warn you to tread carefully.  Trust me, it’s not worth it boys….it’s really not.  I guarantee you that Britt McHenry gives less than a single fuck about you.  She’s not your friend, she’s not your future girlfriend, she’s NOTHING to you and you are nothing more to her than a source of Narcissistic supply: constant attention, admiration, praise, and validation.  That’s it.  She feeds off of the undeserved attention you lavish upon her.  Seriously, can you not see how pathetic you look when you beg and plead a celebrity you idolize to notice your existence and sleep with you???  I’ve got you guys beat by a long shot in the looks department, but yet you sure don’t see me slobbering all over the social media profiles of famous men like Channing Tatum or Ryan Reynolds and begging them to go out with me!!  For God’s sake, get a hold of yourselves and have some goddamn dignity and self-respect!!  Geeeeeeez…….

Take my advice and do something to improve yourselves and go find a normal woman to have some sort of REAL relationship with.  In a few years, Britt will have already prematurely aged and lost any luster she might have had and faded away into obscurity just like your infatuation with her will fade away.  Live in the real world and do something to find a woman you actually CAN have.  I have the same amount of education Britt has, I have a longer professional work history than she does, I have also worked in television like she does, and I used to model and was a beauty queen.  There is nothing you can do or say to me to make me lower than her.  So don’t even waste your time.

A 30 year old adult professional news reporter who makes a fake social media account pretending to be someone else in order to lavish herself with compliments and bully anyone who criticizes her….wow….real mature and professional.  It really speaks to the integrity and professionalism of a company like ESPN when they keep such a person employed with them.  Now that her immature little stunt has been exposed to the world, hopefully this “Emilia Buck” thing will follow her around forever just like her two truck video rant will.  And just maybe this might be the nail in the coffin that finally ends her career.

And if you’d like to see even MORE proof of Britt’s nasty bullying, then check out this blog piece written by a soccer player who dared to politely correct her when she made an incorrect statement about the rules of soccer.  This one is just…..WOW.  It’s unreal.


2 thoughts on “Britt McHenry Just Can’t Stop Being a Bully”

  1. I’m not sure if you’ve seen recently on Twitter, she’s been in the news lately since her layoff for completely different reasons. A post she made of accusing the NHL of favoring the Penguins. Making a PUBLIC Facebook status defending that girl in Philadelphia who had that public outburst. Now recently claiming she was left go from ESPN for being “Conservative”. All of these have ended up on multiple news websites all talking about these different situations. After reading this blog post awhile ago and seeing how she is on social media, One cant help but wonder that she might be doing all of this on purpose just to keep “having her name out there” in the news. It’s all really bizarre from her…


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