Home Improvement

Home Improvement Part 2

My fireplace arrived on Wednesday and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!  My living room automatically looks 100 times better with it.  It’s amazing how just ONE piece of furniture can make or break a room.

I was under the impression that this massive thing would be delivered to my door in one piece.  Unfortunately, I was dead WRONG.  It arrived in pieces in THREE massive sized boxes, and I had to spend several hours assembling it.  By the time I was finished, I had uttered many a curse word.  But I’m a Midwestern gal by origin, and we’re not helpless….we know how to get shit done on our own!!!  So after several hours of handy work and a lot of heavy moving, I finally had THIS finished product….


All I can say is WOW.  I even had a dinner party at my home the following night to show it off.  It was a big hit.  If you notice the rug and the small wooden stool in front of the fireplace, that is the same rug that sat in front of my grandparents’ fireplace.  I can still see the small burn marks on it from where sparks used to pop out of the wood and shoot out onto it.  And the little wooden stool sat in front of their fireplace for over 40 years.  It sat next to their fireplace hearth for as long as I can remember, since before I was even born.  And now it sits in front of my own fireplace.  History repeats itself.  I hope Grandma and Grandpa are watching and smiling to see me recreate parts of our old home with their belongings.

Now I grew up with an old-fashioned brick-built, wood-burning fireplace in my home, and I will always view that as the best kind of fireplace.  I love the smell and sounds of the wood burning and popping, the giant flames, the immense heat radiating from it, and the brick hearth to sit on.  But those have to be built into a home, and they aren’t very practical when living in a tropical climate.  My fireplace is electric and can be turned on or off with the push of a button via remote control without any necessary wood chopping/gathering or ashy mess to clean up.  With the remote I can control the height of the flame and the degree of heat emitted.  I can even set it to where it doesn’t emit any heat output at all, allowing me to enjoy it even in the middle of summer.  So as much as I will always love wood fireplaces, I think this is the best option for living in a tropical climate.

I tested the heat on this thing, and it can really put out a lot of heat!!  It will come in very handy during the few cold snaps we get once or twice a year here in South Florida.  But since it’s usually warm year-round here, I will mostly keep it set to where it doesn’t put out any heat at all so I can just enjoy the cozy scenery of the flames.  I turn the flames on whenever I’m watching TV or hanging around the house.  The sight of the flames is very comforting to me and reminds me of being back home with my family.  So you could say that a big reason why I wanted a fireplace was for sentimental reasons, just like I wanted to have a grandfather clock.

And of course, Lexi is enjoying the new fireplace too.  She loves to lay right in front of it, just like she often did back home.


I have one more finishing touch to add to this fireplace. There is a specific painting I’m going to order directly from one of my favorite artists and hang on the wall above the TV near the ceiling. The print is three feet wide and will look AWESOME hanging above the fireplace. It’s called “The Wager” by David Delamare, and it features a pirate and a mermaid playing poker outdoors in the moonlight and both of them are cheating. I can order this huge print for a pretty good price, so that will be happening soon!!


I’m kind of tempted to buy another one of these fireplaces for my bedroom, because that would be so cool to have the comfort of fire in my bedroom as I relax and sleep. But I would have to move my armoire to the guest bedroom, and there will be no room for it in there after I get a new bed put in there. And I can’t get rid of the armoire because it’s part of my matching bedroom set. So I think the answer to this would be to upgrade to an even bigger place one of these days.

I’m really happy I made this purchase. It was money well spent. Next purchase: custom draperies!!!


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