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My Next Home Purchase

The last major purchase I made for my home was last summer when I bought the grandfather clock for a steal.  Now it’s time make the leap and buy another large item for my home: a TV cabinet for my living room.

This purchase is WAY overdue.  My TV has been sitting on my living room floor since I moved in, and it looks bad.  I know I should have just gone to Walmart and bought a cheap TV stand to use until I could buy the type of cabinet I wanted, but I didn’t want to mess with having to drag and push the heavy box up the stairs to my appartment and then assemble the damn thing.  So I just left the TV sitting on the floor until I was ready to buy what I really wanted.  Well it’s time to get it done already.  So sometime this week…barring any unexpected expenses…I will be ordering this beauty and having it delivered to my door:



This beautiful TV cabinet doubles as an electric fireplace.  And being that I am originally from up North, I LOVE fireplaces!!  I grew up enjoying the real wood burning fireplace that was built into my family’s home, and it’s always been a dream of mine to have a fireplace in my own home.  But you don’t see very many fireplaces in southern Florida homes since the weather rarely gets cold here.  So a movable electric fireplace is the way to go! We’re in the middle of a winter cold front right now, so this week would be the perfect opportunity to use this fireplace.  And since this one has a remote control that can control the amount of heat output, I can use it in the middle of summer for visual effect without it emitting any heat.  Perfect!!!  I think this furniture piece will be a great investment for my home.

Even better is the great bargain I’m getting for this fireplace.  It was originally listed for over $1000, but now it has been marked down to only $471!!  And if I order it by Wednesday, I’ll get free shipping and two day delivery, too.  You can’t beat that!!!  This is as good of a bargain as I got with the grandfather clock.  Aunt Linda and Grandma would be so proud of me for scoring yet another big shopping bargain.

Although all of my other living room furniture and accessories are dark mahogany wood color, I’m going to go ahead and order this fireplace in the ivory white color shown in the picture.  It will be placed alone along its own wall, and my living room walls are painted a deep dark blue color, so the ivory white colored cabinet will look really sharp with the color scheme of my living room.  And to accent it, I will get a nice rug to lay in front of it and I will hang a large painting near the ceiling above the TV.  There is a particular painting I want to hang above it by one of my favorite artists David Delaware.  The painting I want to display is called “The Wager”, and I will order a full-sized copy of it directly from David’s website.  The painting is very long and rectangle shaped, so it will fit nicely along the wall above the TV fireplace cabinet.

On the opposite wall above the couch, I will mount the large antique ship wheel that one of my friends gave to me.  But the ship wheel has to be mounted by a professional due to the size and weight of it.  It’s about three feet in diameter!



I will be sure to post photos after new items arrive and are installed.  They’re going to make a HUGE difference in the appearance of my living room, and it will be one more major purchase/project to cross off of my To Do List.


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