Fed Up With Florida

I’ve always said that if you are conflicted over a decision about something, the best way to handle it is to just drop it and let your heart and your subconscious work it out in their own time and tell you what to do.  Your heart will ALWAYS tell you the right choice to make if you know how to listen to it.

I’ve been listening to mine lately, and it’s telling me that it’s about time to get the fuck out of Florida.

I LOVE living in this year-round warm climate right next to the ocean.  I spent my entire childhood and young adult years waiting to eventually live here so that I could enjoy the ocean and never have to feel cold weather ever again.  But my disgust with the general public here is beginning to override my enjoyment of the positive aspects of this place.  I am just utterly OVER the garbage I am forced to interact with on a regular basis here in SoFla.  I’m OVER IT.  I have literally HAD IT with the worthless trash that populates this area of the state.  And when my disgust is enough to make me want to go back to enduring freezing cold Winter seasons again, then that’s when you KNOW I’ve had enough.  Maybe it’s just because I’m getting older, or maybe it’s just because I was brought up in such a different culture and environment, I don’t know.  All I know is that I don’t like it at all.

Please note that when I talk about “trashy” people, I’m in no way referring to socio-economic status or putting down people for being poor, because being trashy has nothing at all to do with how much money you have.  You can have millions of dollars and still be a classless piece of garbage.  Paris Hilton, the Kardashians, and Donald Trump are excellent examples of this.  I don’t judge people on their socio-economic status, I judge them based on how they behave and carry themselves.  And here in the Gold Coast of SoFla, I see people every single day that don’t behave with one ounce of class, dignity, or self-respect.  Even contestants on the Jerry Springer Show act with more class and self-respect than these people do.  Some of them have large amounts of wealth, and others don’t have two dimes to rub together.  But they all act exactly the same.  Everyone here strives to create an illusion that they live a Hollywood star life of partying on large boats, hanging out at the beach, getting plastic surgery, and buying expensive shit…even if in reality they are living in their parents’ run-down house in a shit hole ghetto like Hialeah or Riviera Beach, don’t have a steady job, don’t own a car, and sometimes don’t even have a license to drive a car.  I often share what I see with my friends back home up North, and they always react with “OMG, what the fuck is wrong with those people!!?”  We’ve had many a good laugh over some of the bottom-feeding specimens I’ve had the misfortune of becoming acquainted with around here.

I used to complain about being around hillbilly-ish people back when I lived in the rural Midwest.  But the trashy people in urban Florida are a different kind of trashy.  It’s really hard to explain, but there is a difference between rural trashy people and urban trashy people.  After living in the boonies of the Midwest for 30 years, I was well accustomed to the redneck culture.  But THIS in SoFla is nothing like I’d ever seen before.

I’ll give you a good example:  I used to be Facebook and Instagram friends with a girl who was a friend of one of my friends.  We were friendly at first, but I finally had to unfriend and block her because her daily posts were just SO utterly disgusting.  All she basically ever talked about was how great her vagina was, how every man was just dying to get into it, and announcing to the world every time her current Fuckboy Of The Week licked her butthole in bed.  I literally cringed out loud whenever one of her posts would show up on my feed, it was so bad.  This chick was so completely devoid of any class whatsoever that me and a few other women nicknamed her “White Trash”.  And when she wasn’t satisfying the dire need of the entire world population to know each and every nauseating detail of her ratchet sex life, she would go back and forth between making daily empty threats at no one in particular about how she would cut up and kill any other female who so much as even looked at whatever scumbag she was currently hooking up with and waxing poetically about how every other female in the southeastern metropolitan area of Florida was jealous of her awesome life and stalking her every minute of every day.  I’m not quite sure where she got THAT idea from, because I had to unfriend and block her just to keep the vomit-inducing mental images of her posts and photos out of my mind.  I literally had an uncontrollable urge to distance myself as far away from her as possible because her grossness gave me the willies.  I’m an Atheist, and yet the trashy shit she posted made me want to run to the nearest church, say twenty Hail Mary’s, and then listen to a full-length classical music symphony just to purge any lingering traces of her trashiness out of my mind.

I have to both cringe AND laugh at the thought of what Grandma would have had to say about this if I had ever bothered to tell her about the trash pile I just described above.  OH BOY!!!  Grandma carried herself with A LOT of class and dignity, and she rarely spoke harshly about other people.  But she very much DID detest people–particularly women–who acted as if they had no class or self-respect whatsoever, and I can only imagine the biting sharp remarks Grandma would have had in her opinion of such a person. LOL!   Grandma had a way of cutting a person down to size and making them feel less than two inches tall with her words when the need for it arose!!

I think what disgusts me the most about South Florida is how the majority of the population thinks that drug use is something to be admired and that you’re not cool UNLESS you do cocaine and pop Xanax, Adderall, or Molly pills every day.  I even see people shamelessly post public Facebook statuses asking if anyone can bring them Xanax or Percocet pills!!  Which, by the way, is THE stupidest thing you can do since you’re publicly advertising for everyone to see–including police–that you’re soliciting for drugs.  I guess you have to be brought up in Florida to think this is cool, because where I’m from people who use drugs are regarded as being at the bottom of the barrel of society.  Using drugs is considered to be the stupidest thing anyone can do where I come from.  Meth use is big problem in the Midwest, but we do not encourage or admire it in any way, shape, or form.  I was never a fan of the redneck culture where I come from, but at least I can say that we do have some common sense and morality.

I am sick and tired of watching people snort up cocaine in public bathrooms everyday and walking around tweaked out of their minds.  I am sick and tired of being asked by strangers every single day if I have any drugs I can share with them or if I know where they can score some.  I am sick and tired of hearing about young people dropping dead from drug overdoses every day.  And I am sick and tired of being cussed out and demonized for correctly labeling these people as drug addicts.  For real, people in SoFla get pissed off at me for calling them drug addicts when they habitually abuse drugs.  Seriously?!  I call people who use drugs “drug addicts” because that’s what they are.  What else would they prefer that I call them?  Junkies?  Coke-heads?  Tweakers?  There are plenty of names to choose from, but “drug addict” is the most clinical one.  If you don’t want to be called a drug addict, then DON’T USE DRUGS.  It’s really not that complicated.

Let me throw down a Truth Bomb for anyone out there who still thinks I’m “lame” for not ingesting dangerous chemicals into my body: Drugs KILL you.  They do.  I don’t care how “recreational” your drug use is, it only takes ONE bad hit to kill you or render you brain dead the way it did to my friend Sara.  I have known many people who dropped dead from overdoses or other drug-related deaths at very young ages.  No one is immune to this.  So if you’re abusing alcohol and drugs, I guarantee you your end is coming soon.  That’s why I just shake my head and laugh whenever someone tries to mock me for “not being cool and fun” by using drugs, because I already know that I’m going to have the final laugh by outliving them.  I can already say with 100% certainty that many of them will not live to see the age of 30….which they apparently seem to think is an “old age”.  But actually, in the grand scheme of things, it’s really not an old age at all….not even close.

In addition to the widespread drug use, I’m annoyed and disgusted by the lack of honesty, character, and work ethic I see all around me here.   I can literally count on one hand the number of people I can trust and call my true friends.  Everyone else I keep at an arm’s length from me, because even if they are good to me, I still can’t trust them not to turn on me or stab me in the back out of nowhere.  I quickly learned that there is no such thing as loyalty around here.  I have watched so many people who are supposed to be close friends with each other turn around and talk trash about each other on a regular basis.  It disgusts me that the people here are so dishonest and shady like that.  They’re no better than rattlesnakes.  I’ve conversed with a good number of Northerners who come here for business purposes and have told me that they do not like doing business with South Floridians simply because they are dishonest and cannot be trusted to uphold their end of business deals.  I wholeheartedly agree.

People around here chide me for “working too much”, even though I do it because I’m the sole person responsible for my survival and well-being.  The general work ethic around here just stinks.  Everyone wants to “hustle” and make money quickly by doing as little work as possible rather than work a normal 40 hour work week.  “Hustling for paper” might be excusable when you’re a 20-year-old kid, but if you’re in your 30’s and 40’s and still doing that shit, then it’s time to grow up.  I used to date a guy who was the CEO of a company that does custom interior work in large buildings, and he often complained about the shitty work ethic of the men he hired to do the construction work.  He said it was like pulling teeth just to get them to show up for work let alone actually DO any work.

I also get advised a lot that I should just get myself a sugar daddy instead of working hard.  EWWW!!  No thanks!  If you don’t mind having sex with wrinkly, saggy old men in exchange for expensive purses and your rent payments, then that’s your business.  You do you.  But I want NO part of that.  I’m tired of being looked at in shock as if I am some sort of space oddity for being a woman who works and supports myself 100%.  I’m tired of people not believing me when I tell them that I paid for my own car and apartment.  There should be nothing shocking about a woman supporting her own self in this day and age, but then again this is SoFla where women are expected to do nothing but look pretty, lounge by the pool, and take 100 selfies a day while their old sugar daddies pay for all their bills and necessities.  Melania Trump–the biggest gold digger of them all–is the type of woman many Floridian women aspire to be.  Ewww.

Moreover, I’m also disgusted at how academics, interest in social activism or politics, or even just any kind of awareness outside of your immediate self is looked upon as “stupid”, “lame”, or “boring”.  I’ve actually had other women try to mock me for having a college education and writing about politics, history, and other “boring old people” academic topics that don’t center around partying, boys, sex, or typical girl stuff.  Hey, if you want to start up your own blog and write about nothing else other than “how bomb your pussy is” or whatever else it is that trashy females talk about, then be my guest.  But some of us have interests beyond our own genitalia, and if you have no interest in what I write about then just DON’T READ IT.  Same thing for my Instagram account.  If you don’t like the fact that my account is mostly photos of my cat, my garden plants, interior home decorating,and other “old lady” stuff rather than selfies of my half-naked body, then DON’T LOOK AT IT.  I could give less than a fuck if you piss and moan at me about how “old and boring” I am.  I’m 36 years old, not 21 anymore, and this is who I am.  Stay out of my business if you don’t like it.

It really saddens me that there are people who actually think being educated is a bad thing. THIS is why America is being steadily dumbed down.  If you can convince people that being educated is a bad thing, then it makes it easier to lead them around by the nose and oppress them.  Of course, not every single person needs to go to college and get a Master’s Degree in order to succeed in life.  But if you deliberately refuse to open and expand your mind and awareness of the world around you in any way, then you are only dooming yourself to failure and selling yourself short.  From what I can tell, the interests of the majority of young Floridian women center around nothing more than getting drunk, abusing cocaine and prescription drugs, posting hundreds of overly Photoshopped selfies every day, getting plastic surgery, and waxing philosophically about the latest loser boy they’re hooking up with and how “happy” they are together.  I attribute a lot of this to a lack of education and mind expansion.  Which, again, to each his own.  But just don’t stick your nose in my business and try to mock me for having a “boring” or “empty” life unless you want to hear my brutally honest opinion of YOUR existences.  And really, if your daily life consists of nothing more than posting countless selfies and using drugs, then I’d have to say that YOUR life is the “boring and empty” one.

I don’t intend to ever return to the Midwest, but I’m sure there are other areas of the country that would be a good fit for me even if they do have winter seasons.  Lately I’ve really been eyeing Virginia.  It seems to be a quiet state with nice people who are more like myself.  And the landscape there is BEAUTIFUL.  There’s also lots of Colonial American history there that reminds me a lot of my family, since Grandma and Grandpa were both Colonial American History buffs.  In fact, parts of our family home were designed and built by Grandpa to resemble a Colonial American-era building.  I have a good friend who lives in Charlottesville, and she said she would be elated to show me around and help me get settled in if I should ever decide to move there.  My father has even offered to help pay my moving costs if I ever decide to leave Florida.  I may have to go take a little sightseeing trip up there sometime to explore the state.

On the other hand, one of my high school classmates moved to the Tampa area and seems to be really happy there.  He keeps urging me to come check out the west coast of Florida and settle there instead of leaving the state.  He said there are plenty of Federal office buildings there, so I could likely get a job working in that area.  I’ve never been to the other side of Florida before, so I suppose I will take his advice and check it out sometime.  My aunt came down to Tampa not long ago for a work conference and said that the people there were quite friendly.  I have often heard that it is far more laid-back and less crazy than my area of Florida, so I just might have to go see for myself.  But if it sucks on that side of Florida too, then I’m outta here and heading up North.

I yearn for a new day when I can go about my life without strangers constantly asking me if I want to do drugs with them, if I have any drugs to share, or if I want to participate in group sex with them.  I yearn for the day when I can be in the company of other “normal” people who respect and appreciate my personality instead of laughing that I’m “old and boring” just because I don’t act like I’m auditioning for a spot on Girls Gone Wild.   I yearn for the day when I can have an intelligent conversation with someone instead of listening to them rant about which “bitch ass hoe needs her ass kicked next” or tell me their personal sob story of how they just got kicked out of the apartment they were sharing with their ex-boyfriend AND his new pregnant baby-mama and her litter of kids from previous relationships.  I yearn for the day when I will no longer have to cringe every time I walk out into public and wonder “What the fuck is WRONG with you people??!?”  It’s going to be a sweet RELIEF.

I apologize for this ugly rant, but I have just reached the limits of my tolerance for such bullshit.  Actually no, I’m NOT sorry for this rant, because this is my own personal blog and I needed to purge this from my mind.  No matter where I end up living next, I have a very strong feeling that once I’m settled there and out of Florida, I’m going to look around me and see the lack of drug addicts, strippers, hookers, and “hustlers” and breathe a HUGE sigh of relief.  It’s literally going to feel as if a two ton weight will have been lifted from my shoulders once I realize that I will NEVER have to see or interact with such scum ever again.  Of course I realize that there are unsavory people EVERYWHERE and that you can never fully escape it, but at least it won’t be anywhere near the level of what I’ve experienced here in SoFla.


5 thoughts on “Fed Up With Florida”

  1. I’ve spent a lot of time in Florida and I’ve encountered some of those kinds of trashy people. It does seem like the further south you get the worse it gets. Miami was…quite an experience. I was only there for a few days but I couldn’t believe the trashiness and obnoxiousness of the people there..and they considered it cool to act like that!


      1. I’m on the autism spectrum too. I attended a program for adults on the autism spectrum in central Florida and while central Florida isn’t quite as bad as south Florida,there was some white trash there too. I became friends with a white trash woman there and I’m still emotionally scarred by that relationship.


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