Family Legacies

Recently my father sent me some old family photos that I had requested after Grandma passed away.  And some of them are REALLY old.  With so many of our relatives having suddenly died in the last year, I suddenly felt the urge to help keep the memory of my ancestors alive by displaying these old photos of them around my home just like Grandma had done when she was alive.  So check these out…..


This is my great-great-grandfather Walter with his second wife and children.  He was born in 1858.  His father was from Wales, England, and Walter spoke with a heavy Welsh accent.  Even this children had slight English accents from  having grown up listening to him speak.  His eyes look a lot like my father’s in this photo.  The blonde haired boy on the left side next to him is my Great-Grandfather Laurence (Grandpa’s father), and the dark haired boy on the right is my Great-Great-Uncle Charlie.  I never knew Great-Grandpa Laurence, but I do vaguely remember Uncle Charlie.  He died in his 90’s when I was six years old.  I remember how my Dad used to sit on the front porch and smoke old-fashioned tobacco pipes with Charlie whenever we would go to his house to visit.  The family lived in a large farmhouse that Walter built himself in 1912.  I actually grew up in that old house until I was 13!  And Grandma had Walter’s old sleigh bells from his horse and buggy.  She would hang them on the back door every Christmas and they made the coolest sound!!



This was my great-great-uncle Chester.  I never knew him, and I don’t know when this photo was taken.  But I do know that he was born in 1894.



This was “Granny”, Grandma’s mother.  This photo was taken at Christmas in 1909 when she was nine years old.



And this was an older Granny with her dog “Ike” back in 1953.  This is more of how I remember Granny, since she died when I was six years old.



This was a young Grandma back in 1953 when she was eighteen years old.  She always loved animals.  And the spot where she was sitting was right next to what would later become the curved driveway to our modern family home where I spent the later half of my childhood living.  In 1975, Grandpa tore down the original house they had lived in that sat in this spot and built the family home I knew and loved.



This is a young Grandpa with my Dad and my older aunt when they were little kids sometime during the early 1960’s.  Grandpa was a mechanic and was likely teaching them about the insides of a car engine in this photo.



This was my great-great-aunt Leta and her husband.  I don’t know when this photo was taken, but I’m guessing it was sometime during the 1950’s.  I vaguely remember Leta from when I was a young child.  She was an elderly woman in a nursing home by that time, and I remember when Grandma would take me along with her to visit Leta at the nursing home and do her laundry for her.  Leta’s 100 year old vanity table sat in my bedroom at home for many years, and now it sits in my own home here in Florida.


Now here are a few old antique family photos that I DON’T have in my possession, but hope to one day….


I have no idea who any of these people are, but I know they are blood relatives.  I never got around to asking Grandma who they were.



Don’t know who these people are either, but they are family.



These are my Great-Grandparents (Grandma’s parents) in their younger days.  I believe this photo was taken around the time of their wedding.  That small wooden table next to Granny also looks very familiar to me….I wouldn’t be surprised if it had sat in our house for many years.



Granny and Great-Grandpa (a.k.a. “Gramps”) again in their older years.  Not sure who the older woman in the black dress on the right is, but I’m guessing she was Granny’s mother.



One of Grandma’s cousins, Ramona.  Grandma was an only child, so her female cousins were more like sisters to her.  I actually knew all three of them quite well when I was growing up.  All but one of them are now gone.

My family has a very rich and interesting heritage, and I feel so blessed to have come from their bloodline and share part of that history.  I hope to one day collect more old family photos like these.  I’m ashamed to say that I still have not yet gotten around to framing and displaying these photos around my home yet….mostly because I’m going to have to get many of them fitted for custom frames at a specialty store.  You can’t tell by looking at them here in this blog, but many of these photos do not conform to modern standard photo size dimensions.  I’ll actually have to have a professional custom mat and frame them for me.  Some of them are also very fragile and must be protected in air-tight frames to keep them safe from humidity.  The old photos of Walter and Granny are actually made out of some type of cardboard-like material.

I’m really proud to have these very old photos in my possession, and I can’t wait to get them displayed in my home.  They will add a really neat and authentic touch to my home, and I’m sure my house guests will find them very interesting to look at.



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