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Tropical Christmas

I regret to say that I will not be traveling home for Christmas this year.  This will be the second Christmas I’ve ever spent away from my family.

As much as I had planned for this year’s trip home for the holidays and as hard as I worked to make it happen, it just wasn’t possible.  Business has been VERY BAD lately, and it’s been hard enough to keep up with my bills let alone set $1,000 aside for plane tickets, cat-sitter fees, Christmas gifts, etc.  But I spoke to my family about this, and apparently they are having some pretty serious weather up there right now.  They had an ice blizzard a few days ago, and the temperature has dropped down to zero.  The roads are very unsafe to travel on, and I was going to be driving around on the freeways between three different cities.  So my family agreed that it might be better if I waited until Spring to come home and visit the family.  By then the weather will be warm enough to do things outdoors, and I can time the trip to coincide with my aunt and uncle’s annual Memorial Day house party and my little cousin’s birthday party.  I expect to be working at a new job by then, so hopefully I’ll have enough vacation time accrued in order to come home at that time.

Since I’ll be stuck in Florida for Christmas again, I plan to take a Beach Day on Christmas Day and just relax and get a sun tan since we have been having unusually hot weather down here lately.  Or if any of my friends offer me an invite to join them at their homes, I will likely accept that offer.

What makes me the saddest, though, is the fact that no matter where I am for the holidays, Christmas just isn’t the same at all anymore without Grandma and our home.  The holidays ALWAYS centered around her house every year.  And now that she and the house are gone, it seems like the rest of the family has sort of scattered to the winds.  Each family household has their own Christmas Day event now, although they still gather at my youngest aunt and uncle’s home on Christmas Night.  The reason why I was going to be driving myself around between three cities was so that I could join in on these different holiday events, since my father stated that he no longer wants to join in and participate in any family holiday festivities.  He used to ALWAYS come to Grandma’s house for holiday gatherings every year, but now that she is gone he suddenly doesn’t want to do anything anymore.  This frustrates me, because I don’t understand why he doesn’t want to spend time with the family anymore.  He just wants to be a hermit and stay to himself anymore.  He even said that in a few years he and his wife want to move to somewhere in the area of southern Missouri or Arkansas.  If he does that, then he’ll be completely separated from the rest of us since we have NO family living in that area.  I just don’t get it.  Maybe his old age is starting to change him or something.  I always thought that family was an important concept to my father.  It certainly is important to ME.   Many of our family members have suddenly passed away in the last year, and before long there won’t be many of us left alive.  I personally feel that he should make the most of his time together with the rest of our family that is still here and enjoy it while he can, because someday they’ll ALL be gone.  He should be making more memories with them now while he still can.  But that’s just my own humble opinion.

So once again, I will be having a warm and green Tropical Christmas this year.  But even though I utterly despise cold weather, I’d still rather be freezing my ass off in the snow and ice with my family at Christmas.



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