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America’s Own Terrorists: Neo-Nazi White Nationalists

Yesterday was an interesting day on the interwebz, to say the very least.  Among other scum and garbage, I had the unfortunate luck of running into a Neo Nazi White Nationalist on Twitter after he jumped into one of my conversations.

These cretins tend to stay in the shadows because they KNOW that their extreme views are found to be repulsive by the vast majority of sane Americans.  So you don’t come across them too often unless you actively go looking for them.  But Donald Trump’s ascension to the Presidency has given them some new found bravery and confidence, so now they are beginning to come out and enjoy the sunlight without as much fear for what other Americans think of them.  When you do happen to find one, you’ll immediately recognize them, though, because they definitely are angry, violent, hair-trigger tempered little trolls!

If I recall correctly, I was discussing the issue of abortion with someone else when this skid-mark jumped in to lambaste me for being a “traitor whore who is helping to wipe out the White race by murdering my own child” or some other psychobabble bullshit nonsense.  This one ranted at me that when the White Nationalists rise up and take control over American under Donald Trump’s authority, then all “subhuman mongrels” such as blacks, Latins, Jews, Muslims, immigrants, non-Christians, etc. will be relegated back to Second Class Citizenry under the tight control and authority of white Christian men….although for some unknown reason he has since deleted that Tweet.  When I pointed out to this mental lightweight that I am White just like him, he argued that I was a “Jew lover, a mongrel-mating whore, and a traitor to my race who has helped to destroy my own race of people through mating with subhuman races of minority men and that I have allowed myself to be controlled by the Jews”. I’m not aware of how this thug has ANY clue whatsoever as to who I have dated or “mated with” in my lifetime, but that is neither here nor there.  He also stated that “traitor whites” like me will be “put to work on farms in order to contribute to our race” while all other non-whites and non-Christians will be forcibly removed from this country even if they are citizens here, although he has also since deleted that little tweet as well.  Awwww….these little guys are so cute when they’re angry. 😂😂

Here is where he jumped into the conversation uninvited when he somehow saw me discussing abortion with another Tweeter and ranted at me for “sinning against my own race” by having had an abortion at some point in my life.  Notice the ramptant sexism and the gratuitous use of the word “whore”.  I counted at least four times he called me a “whore” in just that one conversation alone.

Here he is ranting and raving about how white women can tested to find out if they have ever slept with a non-white man.  Yikes….please step AWAY from my vagina, dude!!!

Something about how the Jews were monitored and killed during the Third Reich for a reason…not sure what valid reason there could have been for systematically murdering 11 million people.

Now he is backtracking and claiming he is not a Neo-Nazi as he proudly proclaimed before and is now changing his identity to “Alt-Right”.  Sorry dude, but when you rant about how Jews “brought the Holocaust upon themselves” and that all other races besides white Caucasians are “subhuman mongrels”, then you ARE in fact a Nazi.  OWN IT.

More foaming at the mouth psychobabble about how the Neo-Nazis, oops I mean “Alt-Right”, are taking over the country and that there’s nothing anyone can do to stop them.

He thinks I am “controlled by the Jews” for some reason.  Hmmmm, that’s interesting….I’m pretty certain that it’s always been ME who controls my own life, not some group of people who belong to a religion I don’t follow.

More psychobabble about how white people are the victims of some imaginary “genocide”.  Maybe I missed something, but I haven’t seen or heard anything around me or in the media about white Americans being openly slaughtered in the streets.  Black Americans however….

It’s interesting to note how even being white still won’t save you from the wrath of these hateful domestic terrorists.  You could be the whitest white person there is, and these thugs would still target you if you don’t agree with their ideology or live/act/think the way that they think you should.  Something as simple as being pro-choice or not hating Jews is viewed as a major no-no for Neo-Nazi White Supremacists like this.  My being a white woman who is pro-choice and doesn’t hate Jewish people is enough to be branded as a “traitor to my race” and targeted by White Supremacists.  The funny thing is that these Neo-Nazi scumbags aren’t really “pro-life”.   They want to build up the number of white people in America by outlawing abortion for white women while forcing abortion and sterilization onto women of other races and religions….proving YET AGAIN that being “pro-life” has NOTHING AT ALL to do with “saving the lives of babies” and is all about controlling female sexuality and reproduction and building up numbers of particular groups of people through forced birthing.

I also took the liberty of reporting this scumbag’s account to Twitter, and his account was promptly shut down.  Score!!

A few years back, I spent some time sneakily lurking about on a well-known White Nationalist web forum called Stormfront.  Since these are very secretive, paranoid people, they won’t let just anybody into their private online forum.  I had to pose as an angry White Nationalist for a few weeks before they granted me entry into their forum.  (I had recently been the victim of a violent crime by an undocumented Latin immigrant, so I used my anger from that attack in order to help me pose as a true White Nationalist.)  The sheer level of rage, fear, and paranoia displayed by the White Supremacists on that forum was utterly mind-boggling.  These White Nationalists seem to be under the illusion that the Jewish population is trying to take over the entire world and that all non-white people are trying to cause a “white genocide” where all white people are systematically killed….which is really rich considering that white people have been doing the vast majority of the genocidal killing of non-white, non-Christian people since the beginning of recorded History.  I read several threads where White Nationalist men talked about being so afraid of a “global Jewish takeover” that they actually left civilized society and went to live off the grid in the middle of nowhere.  One particularly angry and paranoid fellow even talked about how he refused to use banks for any reason lest “Jewie” somehow find a way to skim off some of his money.  So whenever he would work at odd jobs anywhere, he would insist that his bosses paid him in cash and then he would bury the cash in jars in his yard….all because he was so deathly afraid that “Jewie” (his nickname for the alleged Jewish stranglehold on all financial institutions and corporations worldwide) might get his hands on his money.  From a clinical psychological standpoint, it cannot be healthy to constantly live with this much hate, fear, and anxiety coursing through one’s body every single day.

My father, who also identifies as a White Nationalist, is a bit of the same way.  He, too, believes that Jewish people are in control of the entire global financial market.  He does have a joint checking account with his wife, but he refuses to use debit cards, credit cards, or ATM machines.  He prefers to carry cash on him at all times.  I suspect that this has more to do with him getting older and simply not liking to bother with technology anymore rather than a super-paranoid fear of Jews taking his money like the other specimen I mentioned earlier, but you never really know.  My father is more of what you would call a “genteel” White Nationalist.  He does not go to rallies or go on the internet to get into keyboard fights with strangers over his views or go out looking to get into physical altercations with people he views as “others”.  He’s very quiet and prefers to keep to himself.  But if you come into his space and offer him the opportunity to talk about his White Supremacist views, he will gladly do so and will not hold back.  As much as I love and respect my father, this is something I’ve had to deal with for my entire life.  My father knows that I do not share his views, and so we simply have to agree to disagree.  Whenever he goes off into a tangent about blacks, Jews, or any other group of people he doesn’t like, I simply stop him in his tracks and tell him we are not going to discuss it.

Now I fully understand that not every single person who voted for Donald Trump is a racist, bigoted, hate-filled piece of shit like this Neo-Nazi.  I personally know plenty of very good, kind, and loving people who held their noses and voted for Trump out of economic concerns (although I have a strong feeling they are going to be in for a rude awakening when Trump dashes their hopes and completely fucks everything up.)  But every single Neo-Nazi White Supremacist DID vote for Trump, and THAT is what we need to be focusing on front and center and deeply discussing, along with Trump’s reluctance to stand tall and clearly denounce these cretins.  If Trump truly does not agree with what the White Nationalist movement stands for and is not flattered by having their open support, then he needs to stand up and loudly declare in no uncertain terms: “NO! I do not agree with what you stand for and I do NOT want your support!  Please do not come to my rallies and do not look to me as an ally of your movement.”  That is what any normal person would do if a terroristic, violent, racist, hate-mongering group that they did not like was openly supporting them.  But Trump has barely acknowledged this.  The fact that Trump has not loudly and clearly denounced these groups can only be taken as an indication that he WANTS their support, or at the very least does not mind their open support.

White Supremacists haven’t really taken much of an open interest in our national elections since the days of the Civil Rights Movement, so Americans should be asking themselves why these hate groups are suddenly so openly supportive of Donald Trump.  Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists didn’t just randomly decide to vote for Trump in overwhelming numbers, there is a hard reason why every single Neo-Nazi and White Supremacist gleefully voted for Trump and is openly singing Trump’s praises, and we need to be discussing what that reason is.

This may come as a shock to you, but I do not fear ISIS. I don’t lay in bed awake at night worrying that ISIS is going to kill me or take over America.  ISIS is a far bigger threat to their own fellow Muslims in their own area than they are to Americans 7,000 miles away on the other side of the world.  What I DO fear are these insane, mentally deranged, rage-and-hate-filled Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists who are RIGHT HERE in our own back yards and armed to the teeth with guns.  These are people who have stockpiles of weapons and are just itching for a violent show-down fight with non-whites, non-Christians, and anyone else who doesn’t identify or agree with them.  They will not hesitate to target, harm, or kill anyone who does not agree with their extreme rhetoric and views.  THEY are our biggest terroristic threat to America, not ISIS.  And they think they have found a friend and ally in our new President.  If that doesn’t alarm or concern you, it SHOULD.

So for all of you Americans who are living in fear of ISIS, forget about ISIS for a moment.  ISIS isn’t going to individually target and kill  you, no matter what some people in the media might try to tell you.  ISIS is too busy killing their own fellow Muslim men, women,and children in their own region on the other side of the globe.  Right now you need to be paying close attention to these delusional skinhead white Christian American men who are right here among us, have an intense hatred for anyone who is not just like them, have guns and ammunition stockpiled in their homes, are ready and willing to use terrorist tactics against their fellow Americans to get their way, and are intent on “taking over” the country and making everyone bow down to their ideology.  THESE are the real terrorists here.  And they need to be dealt with swiftly and harshly.


2 thoughts on “America’s Own Terrorists: Neo-Nazi White Nationalists”

  1. First off I want to say excellent blog! I
    had a quick question in which I’d like to ask if you do not mind.
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    1. Speaking for myself, I don’t begin writing on a particular subject until I already have the exact words I want to say streaming through my mind. When the words are already running through my head, then that’s when I know it’s time to sit down and start writing them out. I start with that content and then work my way around it until I have a complete article.


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