Family Legacies

Recently my father sent me some old family photos that I had requested after Grandma passed away.  And some of them are REALLY old.  With so many of our relatives having suddenly died in the last year, I suddenly felt the urge to help keep the memory of my ancestors alive by displaying these old photos of them around my home just like Grandma had done when she was alive.  So check these out….. Continue reading “Family Legacies”


Fed Up With Florida

I’ve always said that if you are conflicted over a decision about something, the best way to handle it is to just drop it and let your heart and your subconscious work it out in their own time and tell you what to do.  Your heart will ALWAYS tell you the right choice to make if you know how to listen to it. Continue reading “Fed Up With Florida”

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Christmas Memories

As I try to make the most of this Christmas away from my family again, naturally my mind wanders to happy memories of all the past Christmases I spent with my family over the course of my lifetime.  Here are some personal memories of mine from Christmases long past that I now share with you here: Continue reading “Christmas Memories”

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Memorial Vigils for Tampons

This has GOT to be THE funniest thing I have ever blogged about.  Like I said earlier, yesterday was a VERY interesting day on the interwebz.  First I dealt with the foul stench of a rage-filled Neo-Nazi Hell bent on taking over the entire country.  And then I encountered THIS delusional chap….. Continue reading “Memorial Vigils for Tampons”

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America’s Own Terrorists: Neo-Nazi White Nationalists

Yesterday was an interesting day on the interwebz, to say the very least.  Among other scum and garbage, I had the unfortunate luck of running into a Neo Nazi White Nationalist on Twitter after he jumped into one of my conversations. Continue reading “America’s Own Terrorists: Neo-Nazi White Nationalists”