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Get a Grip, Britt McHenry.

I recently signed up for Twitter.  I briefly used it four years ago when I was following a group of friends as they tweeted details of their cross-country tour around America.  I write articles about politics and social activism under a pen name and network with a lot of others who do the same, and I’ve noticed that all of them use Twitter as one of their many social media platforms through which to share articles, information, and opinions.  So I thought it might be a good idea for me to join the bandwagon and get back on Twitter, too.  I thought it might be a good idea for when I get one of my next writing pieces published in a nationwide forum.

Just as with any other form of social media, there are always a handful of well-known people who act like idiots on Twitter and stink it up for everyone else.  Our new President-elect Donald Trump definitely ranks at the top of that list of Twitter shit-stirrers.  But he’s far from alone in that regard.  If you’ve been a regular Twitter user for awhile, then you likely know of another well-known Twitter user who likes to stir up drama and leave a long, winding trail of stinking shit all throughout the Twitter-verse:  ESPN’s very own Brittany, a.k.a. “Britt”, McHenry.

I was already aware that Britt was a big Twitter connoisseur when she fouled up big time a year ago by throwing a profanity-laced temper tantrum in a towing office that was caught on camera and then issued a lame, half-hearted apology for it on Twitter of all places in order to do some damage control.  (I guess apologizing directly to the office employees she verbally assaulted wasn’t an option?)  And there were stories circulating throughout the media about other cat fights she had gotten into with others on Twitter.  But once I re-joined Twitter and began following other Twitter users and attracting followers of my own and exploring what was being said and shared throughout Twitter, I quickly noticed that A LOT of people had the exact same things to say about Britt McHenry.  And it was rather telling, to say the least.

Based upon countless tweets, re-tweets, and comments I’ve seen on Twitter, it appears that a lot of people have been blocked by Britt McHenry.  And when I say a lot of people, I mean A LOT.  A year and a half ago when the entire nation was ripping her to pieces over her psychotic episode that was captured on videotape, one news article reported that Britt had blocked a whopping 15,000 people on Twitter.  FIFTEEN THOUSAND.  Wow.  Who the Hell has enough free time to sit around blocking that many people???  And in the last year and a half, the number of people she has blocked has likely doubled to close to 30,000.


Why on earth has she blocked such a huge number of people on Twitter?  Well according to numerous tweets I’ve read, both by ordinary people and verified professional/celebrity Twitter accounts, it seems that Britt conducts searches of her own name on Twitter every single day to see what people are saying about her.  She scours through each and every tweet, and if she sees something that mentions her in even the slightest negative way, she promptly blocks the Twitter user who tweeted the post.

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there….

Not only does Britt block any tweeter that dares to mention her in even the slightest of negative tones, she also blocks anyone who re-tweets the original post.  And you don’t have to say something insulting about her to receive the honor of being blocked, either; even simply disagreeing with her or correcting her when she posts an incorrect fact will quickly get you blocked, too.  Touchy, touchy!

But that’s not all!  There’s still more….

On top of all that, she ALSO checks to see who all has “liked” a negative tweet about her, and she blocks those people, too!  Are you kidding me?!?  Jeeeeeesus Christ, someone is a little thin-skinned, aren’t we?  What a big crybaby!!  I’m sorry, but how old are you again, Britt??  Because this kind of behavior is something one would expect from a 12-year-old girl in middle school, certainly not a 30-year-old professional grown woman!


And as if her obsessive knee-jerk mass Twitter blockings weren’t pathetic enough, this twat has the gall to throw herself a public pity party and wonder aloud on Twitter, “Gee, I don’t know why so many people pick on me all the time!  It must be because I’m on TV and I’m so pretty and educated. Everyone is just jealous of me.”  Ummm…no Britt, people troll you because you bring it upon yourself by having a stank attitude and treating everyone else as if they are beneath you.  If you can’t step outside of your own narrow box of self-awareness and see this, then that’s your own shortcoming.

It takes an EXTREME amount of insecurity and paranoia, as well as a robust amount of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, in order to conduct social media searches of your name every single damn day just to make sure that no one out there in the big wide world is saying anything at all about you that doesn’t kiss your ass.  And to block every single person who says something negative about you or even “likes” a negative post about you is just utterly ridiculous and CHILDISH, not to mention ineffective.  Blocking the people that say negative or critical things about you doesn’t magically make those remarks disappear.  It merely creates the illusion of a safe little world in which everyone in that illusionary world kisses your ass every minute of the day and only gives you nothing but the highest levels of praise and adoration.  It sounds like Britt McHenry might need one of those “safe spaces” to protect herself from all the meanie people out there who call her a doodoo-head.

Do you know how many people I’ve blocked on Twitter so far?  ONE.  Just one.  And that was only because it was some unhinged, Alt-Right, anti-Semitic White Supremacist loom who for whatever reason decided to follow my tweets.  No thanks.  I’m not that insecure and paranoid that I have to constantly monitor what everyone in the world says or thinks about me.  There are people out there who can’t stand me, and I DON’T CARE.  It’s no skin off my nose if someone out there doesn’t like me, doesn’t like my work, or doesn’t like what I stand for.  I don’t even begin to have enough free time to conduct daily searches of Twitter to see what some unknown stranger out there might be saying about me.  And I can’t comprehend how someone like Britt McHenry who supposedly has such a big, important job manages to have enough free time to do something so time-consuming and silly.  Perhaps her job isn’t really as difficult and time-consuming as she makes it out to be?

For someone who brags nonstop about how educated, successful, and popular she is, you would think that she would have enough self-confidence in herself to not give a single fuck what complete strangers say or think of her.  But actions speak louder than words, and her actions clearly indicate that is not the case.  I know exactly why Britt McHenry acts the way she does.  It’s because she has a classic case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  As someone who had a parent afflicted with a severe case of this and has studied all about it for the last two years, I can quickly and easily recognize the telltale signs of it.  Britt brags about her accomplishments and talks down to others because she has low self-esteem and a low sense of self-worth.  She KNOWS she is basic and a joke, and that’s why she over-exaggerates her accomplishments and education despite the fact that millions of other people have the same level of education and accomplishments as she does.  Her ego is extremely fragile, and that is why she is so paranoid about what others say about her.  And she protects her fragile ego by blocking and shutting out everyone who says anything at all about her that she infers to be negative in the slightest way.  To put it another way, Britt’s ego is more fragile and delicate than a 5,000 year old piece of papyrus paper.

When you work in the public eye, having an ego that fragile is a disaster in the making.  We can already see this happening with our new President, and that could turn into an absolute disaster for all of us!!  President Trump throws down 3 AM Twitter tirades against Saturday Night Live and Broadway plays that mock him, and Britt McHenry obsessively blocks total strangers who even click “like” on a negative post about her.  You simply cannot be that thin-skinned while working and living within the eyes of the general public; it will destroy you.  When you work in the media, people are going to talk about you, that is a FACT.  So if you are so insecure that you can’t bear to acknowledge or look at anyone who dares to ever utter an unflattering word about you, then you are not capable of functioning in a career that puts you in the public eye and you need to get out of it, pronto.  It’s that simple.

Given enough time, Britt may possibly succeed in blocking every single person throughout the world who has ever uttered a negative word about her.  And then the only people she’ll have left to socialize with on social media are the few thousand dirty old men and pervy young fuckboys who kiss her ass and tell her how hot she is and sappily croon to her about how they would gladly give up their lives just to be able to get a reply from her or touch her hand or some other ridiculous nonsense.  Get a hold of yourselves guys, she’s no goddess or saint.  She’s just your average basic bleach blonde bimbo with silicon breasts and an entitled Princess attitude.  You can find a million other girls just like her right in your own vicinity.  Stop stroking her ego, because you’re only going to make the monster within her grow bigger and meaner.

Princess Britt hasn’t blocked me on Twitter yet because I’m still quite new and because I make sure to never mention her name, not that I ever care to mention her anyway.  But if I ever happen to click “like” on someone else’s unflattering tweet about her, I’m sure she will take note of that and block me eventually.  Maybe one of these days I’ll go ahead and tweet a great big “Fuck You” to her on Twitter and go out guns a-blazing like a champ when she sees it and blocks me.  Trolling people who are that insecure and thin-skinned is just too easy.

In the meantime, I have a few words of advice for Britt that she might recognize:  Please seek medical help, honey.  You really need it.  It’s not healthy to live with that much insecurity every day.  You can block as many people as you want, but it still won’t change the fact that you’re a disgusting piece of shit with no class and no one wants to see your phony, ignorant, skank ass on the air.


4 thoughts on “Get a Grip, Britt McHenry.”

  1. If I ask you this question, would you answer honestly? Hopefully you can reply back to my email which I’ll provide in the form below. After reading this article and a few other articles on this blog that mention Britt McHenry, do you have a PERSONAL vendetta against her, or do you just not like her as a person? Also do you know her PERSONALLY or just from social media?


    1. I’ve never met her in person (thank God), but I HAVE spoken with her online before. If you read my posts carefully, then you would know that she is some kind of friend to someone who I DO personally know and who bullied me for a year or two. And because Britt is friends with this horrible person who bullied me for a long time, she has a particular dislike for me. Britt has told me herself that she and this evil character laugh about me together behind my back. It does not at all surprise me that she would be friends with such a psychotic bully since she herself is a bully too, as shown by her notorious video tape and the frequent nasty spats she has gotten into with people on social media. People like that tend to be drawn to each other. I already thought she was a phony, hateful person BEFORE her video was released, and the video only confirmed that my prior opinion of her was correct.


  2. Thank you for replying back to me. I actually forgot to include in my first post, I actually did read that whole article about the stalker that you dealt with (Which is a very bizarre story). Ironically, I do believe I remember you getting into a Instagram exchange with McHenry about (Dandy). I do question though if she PERSONALLY knows him, or just through social media.


    1. I have often wondered about that, too. Apparently they have exchanged phone numbers and text each other about me, but I have to wonder if they have ever even met in person. She is not originally from this part of Florida were we live, so I have no idea how they even became friends in the first place. My educated guess is that he began following her on social media years ago and slowly used his Narcissistic charm to gain her trust and friendship despite never having met her or known her personally. Narcissists are VERY skilled at using charm to gain favor with people and manipulate them. I even showed Britt proof of her friend’s scary behavior, and she just completely ignored it….which also speaks volumes about her character. Anyone who could see proof of someone acting like that and think that is OK is NOT a mentally healthy person. I’ve also noticed that she has begun to buddy up to some of Dandy’s other sicko friends that I described in my other blog entry, and I KNOW she doesn’t know any of them. So I would have to conclude that he has somehow manipulated her into holding him and his sick friends in high esteem and that she is just as sick in the head as they are.


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