Way To Go, America

As Sinclair Lewis once famously said, “When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”  And I fear that Fascism has now finally arrived at our doorstep and is standing there waiting for us to usher it inside of our home.  If you are like one half of the population of the United States, then you were likely filled with shock, dread, and disgust when it was announced last Tuesday that Donald Trump had been elected our new President.  I know I certainly was.  I struggled to stay awake all night long until 4:30 in the morning, watching in nail-biting suspense as Trump and Hilary fought neck and neck with each other to reach 270 electoral votes.  As the evening wore on and Trump edged close and closer to that goal mark, I sat in my bed in stunned silence shaking my head and saying to myself, “What have we DONE, we are all FUCKED!!!”  I just could not believe that the majority of people in this country could elect such a joke of a man to be in charge of our great country….and yet at the same time, I had to acknowledge the fact that a significant chunk of our population truly is ignorant, short-sighted, and consumed with enough hate and fear to elect such a joke as President.  I had hoped that there would be enough rational-minded people in this country who weren’t filled with hate, paranoia, and ignorance in order to prevent this from happening.  But sadly, I was wrong.

Let me state clearly that Hilary Clinton was not my top choice of a candidate even though I voted for her.  I respect the woman and I don’t have much of anything against her, but I felt that she had too many controversies and too much stigma surrounding her in order to make her a strong candidate that could guarantee a Democratic win.  There were a lot of things that understandably made people uncomfortable with Hilary.  I do believe that if we had chosen a different candidate who had less political baggage than Hilary, then that candidate could have easily wiped the floor with Trump in the final election.  On the other hand, no one can ignore or deny the fact that Trump’s racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, asshole populist rhetoric absolutely fired up the more rancid and base instincts of much of our population and drove them to the voting booths en mass.  These deplorable thoughts and attitudes had for the most part become unacceptable to utter out loud in polite society anymore, as they should be.  But Trump gave these disgusting attitudes new legitimacy and made it permissible for people to not only utter them out loud but ACT on them by openly harassing and even attacking those they viewed as “the others”.  While watching some of the news reports of people being verbally abused, threatened, and even physically assaulted for speaking out against Donald Trump or for simply being one of the many different groups of people he disparaged in his campaign rhetoric, it was like watching the carnage of the Civil Rights Movement in the South happen all over again.  Such thinking and behavior, and the encouragement of such thinking and behavior, is antithetical to a free democratic nation.

I had hoped that America had learned its lesson after electing George W. Bush into office TWICE.  But the election of Trump to the office of the Presidency goes WAAAYYY beyond that mistake.  This is a sheer and utter disaster that will destroy this country.  I was no fan of George W. AT ALL.  I thought he was a half-retarded, aging alcoholic coke-head, double-digit IQ, religious wacko moron who couldn’t find his ass with both hands.  But at least George had come from a long line of experienced politicians in his family and had been bred for political leadership since he was a kid.  The man was a complete idiot, but he had experience.  Trump has absolutely no political or governing experience whatsoever.  Running a business is in no way similar to running an entire nation.  It’s already becoming evident that Trump is in way over his head with the blundering of his transition team.  Trump has no idea what a President of a country actually does, he has no concept of the duties and responsibilities of such a position, and he does not know how to choose a competent staff and smoothly transition into power.  The heads of several major federal agencies are complaining that they can’t even get their phone calls returned from Trump’s administration as to who will now be in charge of their agencies.  Without this vital information, they cannot do their jobs effectively.

And if you think things are rocky now, just wait until after the inauguration when Trump is sitting in the Oval Office and has full Presidential power.  He will be utterly LOST.  His Vice President Pence and his entire cabinet are going to have to run the show and do his work for him.  Trump will be there to sign off on things and act all important and Presidential, but he won’t have a clue as to what is going on.  Our newly Republican controlled House and Senate will be able to pass pretty much any legislation they want with little opposition, and all they have to do to get Trump to OK whatever they want to do is to stroke his Narcissistic ego.  I run a separate blog that is all about Narcissistic Personality Disorder, so I know all about this disorder quite well.  I know exactly how Trump and other people who have NPD operate.  Trump wants to puff up his chest and be the Big Man In Charge regardless of whether he has any clue what he’s doing or not.  And all it takes to manipulate him and lead him around by the nose is to tell him whatever he wants to hear and stroke his fragile ego.  If the other politicians in his cabinet and Congress haven’t figured this out yet, they surely will soon.

And what frightens me the most about this is not only the real risk of losing many of our rights and freedoms at the hands of a Right Wing controlled Congress, but also how easy it would be for a foreign enemy political leader—like Vladimir Putin of Russia—to have their way with us with such a weak and clueless President sitting in the White House.  Speaking of Putin, the fact that Trump has been so chummy with the dictator of a longtime “frienemy” nation of the US and the leaked information that Russia was actively trying to sabotage our Presidential election makes me very alarmed and should cause great concern for every single person in this nation.  I mean seriously, let that sink in for a minute:  We were in a heated Cold War with Russia for close to 40 years in which we came within a hair’s breadth of nuking each other off the face of the earth, and we’ve been on uneasy terms with Russia ever since.  Now we have a new President who not only has been fraternizing behind the scenes with the dictator of Russia, but has also allegedly been in cahoots with the corrupt government of Russia over trying to sabotage and rig our democratic election process.  Does that not at all sound very fishy if not outright alarming to you??  What’s next, are we going to suddenly find out that Trump has been having secret slumber parties with Kim Jong Un?  The murderous, insane, Fascist Dictator of North Korea has already publicly expressed his approval of Trump being elected as President of the United States, so that right there should tell you something, too.

Although I am a university educated History scholar, I am not an expert in Fascism, although now I have an interest in learning more about it.  But there are several History professors I studied under who understand it well and have declared that the structural ingredients for a Fascist state are now present and in place here in America.  There have been several History scholars who decades ago predicted that Fascism could very possibly develop here in the US.  And it most certainly IS possible, and I think we are now witnessing the beginning of it.  Just because our country has been a great democratic nation for over 200 years does not mean that it will stay this way forever.  Many great nations have succumbed to extreme government regimes of Communism or Fascism throughout History, and the United States is certainly not immune from it.  Here’s a link to a great and thorough article written by a graduate History scholar from England that discusses why those of us who are educated in History are frightened at the thought of a Trump presidency.

All talk of Fascism aside, my basic fear about Trump’s Presidency is that he will allow our Right Wing Republican controlled Congress to gut a lot of the social and economic progress we have made and that it will become even more difficult to simply survive in this country.  I, along with nearly everyone else I know, work my ass off just to barely be able to keep a decent roof over my head, food on my table, and my bills paid.  And I’m not some uneducated unskilled worker, either, which makes me even more worried for the working people in this country who ARE uneducated and unskilled.  Trump has already stated that he thinks American workers are making too much money, including those who slave away for minimum wage at $7-$8 an  hour.  I fear that Trump and Congress may enact changes to do away with the Federal minimum wage which would then cause all other wages to come tumbling down, and then we will ALL be stuck in poverty no matter how much we work or how skilled or educated we are.  I also fear that they will undo many of our labor protections and benefits such as sick leave, overtime pay, workplace discrimination policies, and workplace safety policies.  We would end up much like workers a hundred years ago before we had unions and labor laws.

Our new Vice President Mike Pence gives me cause for great concern, too.  The man is a known religious fanatic and has an ugly record as Governor of Indiana.  Under his watch, a huge portion of reproductive health clinics were shut down in his state, resulting in a huge spike in the number of HIV infections.  He was also responsible for signing into law a mandate that all embryos and fetuses lost during abortions or natural miscarriages must be buried or cremated (meaning women who had very early miscarriages that were not much more than a heavy period would have to collect their menstrual blood and have it buried or cremated), and he lead the witch hunt to have a young Indian woman, Purvi Patel, prosecuted for “feticide” after she prematurely delivered a still born infant.  Since over 90% of all abortions happen well before 12 weeks, what Pence is mandating to be buried in a casket or cremated is nothing more than a tiny blob of tissue the size of a pea or a kidney bean.  Pence is also on record for stating that “Religious rights should trump civil rights”.  In addition to his “Funerals for Zygotes” law that he signed, he also signed a “religious freedom” law that allowed places of public business to discriminate against LGBT patrons by denying them service while hiding behind a flimsy veil of “freedom of religious beliefs”….which is technically not at all different from public businesses being legally allowed to refuse service to black Americans back during the days before the Civil Rights Movement in the South.  This man literally thinks that Biblical law and his own personal interpretation of Christianity should dominate over every single citizen in this country regardless of THEIR personal religious beliefs.  That kind of thinking does not belong in a free democratic nation; it belongs in a theocratic regime like that of Iran or Saudi Arabia.  And as I stated above, since Trump doesn’t have a single clue how to govern an entire nation, he will leave most of the work to Pence, who will in turn make all of us suffer under his fanatical religious wrath.

And besides Trump, there’s also the issue of his hooker/porn star/mail order bride wife who will now be our First Lady, which I will get into in another blog post later.

As much as I loathe Trump and expect him to be a disastrous failure as President, I really don’t WANT him to fail, because if he fails then WE ALL will go down with him.  And I don’t want that to happen.  But looking at this realistically, it’s hard for me to see how he couldn’t fail.  All I can really do is keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.  There is already talk that Trump may not be quite as extreme as he made himself out to be during his campaign.  Only 12 hours after he was elected President, he removed the words “pro-life” from his list of policies on his campaign website.  He still says that he intends to appoint “Pro-Life” justices to the Supreme Court who may very well try to overturn Roe vs. Wade and send it back to the states, but Trump doesn’t seem to bothered by the fact that some states would still allow abortion to remain legal if this were to happen.  He doesn’t seem to want abortion completely outlawed nation-wide like many of his radical anti-choice supporters do.  His promise to “build a great wall and make Mexico pay for it” has suddenly dwindled down to wishy-washy talk of “maybe building a fence along certain parts of the border”….which we already have.  Maybe he wants to build a white picket fence along the Mexican/US border and plant some daisies around it instead now?  He also promised that upon his election to the Presidency he would immediately round up every illegal immigrant and deport them back to their home countries.  I don’t see any of that happening right now, either.  Many people are hoping that much of the hateful bullshit that Trump spewed out during his campaign was just a bunch of talk in order to get people to vote for him and that he’s really a lot more moderate than he portrayed himself to be during his campaign.  Well I certainly HOPE that is the case, but we shall see.

And speaking of Trump and Roe vs. Wade, I just want to take a moment here to laugh my ass off at all of the ignorant anti-choice religious dumbasses who were gullible enough to believe that Trump was truly “pro-life” just because he SAID he was.  These people are so ignorant and easily led around by the nose that they took the man’s mere word that he was “pro-life” and threw their support behind him instead of taking just a few minutes of their time to go online and research his REAL record on abortion and his own personal life regarding the matter.  It is widely known that Trump has stated before that he thinks Planned Parenthood is a good organization that does a lot of beneficial work, and it is widely known that Trump has arranged for many of his mistresses to have abortions when he impregnated them.  For Christ’s sake, he demanded that his second wife Marla Maples abort their daughter Tiffany when Marla became pregnant while Trump was still married to Ivanna!!  Many of Trump’s former mistresses have come forward and admitted that when they informed Trump that they were pregnant, his first response was “Well, what are you going to do about it?”  Trump is NOT a champion of the Pro-Life movement, and it’s going to be hilarious when the religious idiots in this country who voted for him based on that one issue alone find out that they’ve been duped yet again.

So that’s the end of my rant about this horrific turn of events in America.  There isn’t much else for me to say about it at this time, and all that I can do now is just wait and hope that this country doesn’t come collapsing down on top of us.  But as an educated woman and a History scholar, you can bet that I will be watching very closely.


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