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From Class to Trash

I must warn you right now before you begin reading that this is not exactly going to be a feminist post.

I’m a feminist who often raves about freedom of choice and how women deserve to make our own choices about our lives whether it’s choosing to use birth control, choosing to carry or end a pregnancy, choosing whether to have children at all, choosing what to wear, choosing who to sleep with, choosing whether to marry or not, choosing how to own or display our sexuality, etc.  I have a “live and let live” attitude, so I’m one of those people who doesn’t lose any sleep over what other women wear or do.  I’ve posted many a blog entry about how people need to stop making judgments about a woman’s worth and value based solely upon her wardrobe and her private sexual choices.

But this is NOT going to be one of those posts.

In the last few days since it was announced that Donald Trump was our new President elect and that his current wife Melania would be our new First Lady, many people on the Left have been urging each other not to stoop low and judge Melania for her nude photos, her lesbian porn films, and her former past as a high dollar escort in Eastern Europe. And I totally understand why they are saying this.  Despite how much we despise Donald Trump and consider him completely and utterly unfit for the office of POTUS, it completely goes against all that is feminist to judge his wife for her past as a nude model, a porn star, and a prostitute. Many people who voted against Trump and try to eschew antiquated notions that base a woman’s worth on how she owns her sexuality or what she chooses to do with her own body insist that it is low down and dirty to call out Melania for having posed nude in photographs and porn films. They declare that slut-shaming is a tactic of Right Wing misogynists and that we must not stoop to their level.

In this case, I must respectfully disagree.

I was raised with an old-school mindset that understands and respects the adherence of public standards of behavior, and I strongly feel that the smut Melania has freely participated in does not belong in the White House.  I’m sorry, but it just looks really bad for us and to the entire rest of the world, and it’s not at all proper, professional, or becoming of a woman holding the title of First Lady of the United States of America.  I don’t make the rules here; this is just how it has always been and will always remain.  I know this sounds anti-feminist and judgmental of me to say this, but I was raised to carry myself as a lady and to treat any public or professional post I occupy with the utmost respect.  I refuse to be told that it is wrong to set standards for behavioral conduct, especially when it pertains to public office and positions of authority. We’ve all heard the old phrase “With power comes responsibility”, and such a powerful position as that of President and First Lady of the most powerful nation on earth requires the responsibility to conduct oneself with the utmost class, decorum, and maturity.

Here’s a great example: Many years ago when I was crowed as Miss Illinois, I suddenly became a public figure and a role model for young girls to look up to. Therefore, one of the responsibilities of my crown and title was to do my very best to conduct myself as a classy, respectful lady at all times, because you never know who may be watching. Of course I was a human being with natural flaws, emotions, and urges, but I had to do my best to keep those real parts of myself hidden away from public view. If I wanted to be foul mouthed, obnoxious, or sexual, I had to contain that within the privacy of my own home away from the public eye. If I had ever posed nude for photos or chosen to participate in porn movies and those photos or videos were discovered by the public, I would have been stripped of my crown and title in a heartbeat. Not because being a sexual human female is inherently wrong, but simply because it is not fit and proper for a beauty pageant queen and respected public figure to have naked photos and videos of herself available for everyone’s viewing.  It just isn’t proper or professional.  It’s the same reason why every professional job I’ve ever worked at had specific dress codes for the office.  It just would not have looked professional at all if I had shown up to my office job in a midriff-baring top and Daisy Duke shorts.  Would I still have been able to perform the duties of my job in such casual attire?  Absolutely, yes.  But it would have looked extremely tacky, it would not have contributed to the professional environment of our office, and it certainly would not have made a very positive impression on any of the public citizens that I personally served at my job.

The same principle applies to the wives of Kings, Presidents, and other heads of state. Roles and titles of political leadership require the utmost class and sophistication by the people holding them. Could you ever imagine Queen Elizabeth or Princess Diana doing nude photo shoots or being in lesbian porn films? Of course not. That’s why you never see Kings, Queens, Princesses, Prince’s, Presidents, or other political leaders engaging in crass behavior in public, and if they get careless and do act distastefully in public, then they are swiftly called out on it. It’s just not what you do when you hold an esteemed position of authority over a nation of people.

But somehow we now have a First Lady who has carried herself as if she is auditioning for Girls Gone Wild or Hustler Magazine. This is utterly embarrassing for our country. Can you imagine what other nations are going to think of us when they gawk at the nude lesbian porn photos of our First Lady? When you look at the long line of our former First Ladies before Melania and see how they conducted themselves, it just drives it home even further how messed up this is.  Seriously, just let this fact sink in for a minute:  We have now gone from having a Harvard educated attorney First Lady to having a prostitute, porn star, and Russian mail order bride as our new First Lady.  Really, just sit and think on that for a minute.  My God, Nancy Reagan and Jackie Kennedy must be rolling in their graves now!!  At this rate, we might as well just have Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian as our First Lady!

Now as tasteless as I think Melania’s old photos are, I can understand why she likely got into that kind of work in the first place. Growing up in Communist Eastern Europe, there’s no telling what all she really did in order to survive. Those were some really ugly and desperate times for the Soviet people.  But that still doesn’t make her former sex industry work and persona appropriate for the White House.  Again, it is perfectly OK to mandate standards of behavior and conduct for people who hold high ranking positions of public authority. When you are a widely known public authority figure, you simply cannot run around doing and saying whatever you want, and everyone knows that. With that being said, it is completely inappropriate, unprofessional, and unbecoming for our First Lady to have widely available nude photos and lesbian porn films available for everyone to see, including children. This is just TACKY and TRASHY.

Now I know that some people are going to read this and say, “But you can’t hold Melania’s nude photos against her because that was long ago and there was no way for her to ever know that she would someday become First Lady of the United States!”  Well that is very true, and I agree with that.  And this is where I put the blame squarely on Donald Trump himself.

Trump already knew long before he made the decision to run for President that his current wife had such a seedy past and that there was widely available visible proof of it.  He should have had enough sense and enough respect for both his wife and the Office of the Presidency to stop and think to himself, “Hmmm, my wife used to be a prostitute and there are nude photos and videos of her in magazines and all over the internet, and that wouldn’t look good at all if I were to win and she were to become First Lady.  So maybe it would be better for me not to run for President and not put my wife in such a negative spotlight like that.”  But we all know that Trump doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to look ahead and see the bigger picture nor does he have any concern or respect for anyone but himself.  No, Melania did not ask to become First Lady of the United States of America and have her seedy past thrown into the spotlight for all to see, but Trump certainly did not think about what was best for her or the integrity of our Office of the Presidency or how his decision to run for political office might affect his wife.  Therefore, I blame this on him, not her.

What mostly makes me shake my head in utter disgust and laugh in amusement is how some Trump supporters are having the audacity to say out loud “At least now we will finally have some class and elegance in the White House!”  Are you for real?!?  Come on now, I realize that there are people out there who hate Michelle Obama simply because she is President Obama’s wife or for whatever other reason they may have, but let’s all be honest here and not try to paint Melania as something she isn’t.  Melania Trump may be many things, but “classy” is definitely not one of them.  There is nothing at all classy about Melania Trump.  In my own humble personal opinion, she’s trash.  And I say this because I live in an area where I am surrounded by MANY women who are doing the exact same thing that Melania has done:  Instead of working to get an education and/or a career in order to better themselves and create a successful life for themselves, they are taking the lazy way out by selling themselves for sex to rich old men and trying to entice some lonely old multi-millionaire into marrying them so that they will never have to lift a finger to do anything for themselves.  They are basically selling their souls in exchange for a lifetime supply of Louis Vuitton handbags and Christian Louboutin red-bottom shoes.  These women I see doing this come from various backgrounds, but a large number of them are from Russia and Eastern Europe like Melania.

I have an acquaintance named Petr who is originally from Russia.  We were chatting one day and he was telling me in disgust how all of the young Russian women in his ethnic neighborhood are aggressive gold-diggers who don’t care about getting educations or careers and whose only interest is snagging a rich husband.  Petr remarked that all of these young women have had multiple plastic surgeries, care only about having expensive possessions, and won’t give a man the time of day unless he makes at least a six figure income.  They refuse to enroll in college or work at any normal type of job outside of escorting.  I guess that’s why I have a bit of a biased opinion of Melania Trump and others who are like her, because I was raised with a strong work ethic that taught me to apply myself and work for the things I want in life.  I guess I just don’t have much respect for women who don’t want to do anything for themselves and only want to depend on someone else’s money and hard work.  That’s why I’m willing to settle for a mediocre lifestyle if it means I won’t have to be a sex slave for some wrinkled old man old enough to be my father or grandfather.  Melania wanted an easy life of wealth and luxury so badly that she willingly married a man who was a known philanderer and constantly displayed utter contempt and disrespect for women on a regular basis.  She endures verbal abuse, control, and cheating in exchange for living in a huge mansion and having closets full of designer clothing and accessories.  A woman would have to have almost no self-respect at all in order to willingly subject herself to that.  THAT is why I do not respect Melania Trump or any other woman like her.

What REALLY disgusts me is the utter hypocrisy I’ve been seeing from Puritanical Conservative Christians regarding this matter.  These are the people who normally rant and rave about the “evils” and “sinfulness” of pornography and nude women and do not hesitate to call any woman who dares to ever express her normal human sexuality in any way a “whore” or a “slut”.  Yet now that the wife of the presidential candidate they all voted for has naked photos and lesbian porn films plastered all over the internet for everyone to gawk at, they are suddenly very quiet about these “evil sins”.  Many of them are outright contradicting themselves by now saying that those are “just mistakes in Melania’s past” and that “we all have made mistakes and we shouldn’t hold that over her head forever.”  ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!?   I want to know where that same forgiveness and consideration is for women who have had abortions or for people who are openly gay.  These people will forever spit venom and condemn someone for being gay or for having an abortion or for participating in the sex industry, yet at the same time they don’t think it’s right to judge our new First Lady for having been a prostitute and a porn star????  These same people called me nasty names when I posted a photo of myself in a skimpy swimsuit on Facebook and tried to report my photo for “nudity”, yet it’s perfectly acceptable for Melania Trump to have full on nude lesbian scene photos online???  I call BULLSHIT!!!!!!  The “morality” of these Conservative Christians is completely subjective and varies depending on WHO is doing the “sinning”.  And this is why I have no respect or regard whatsoever for their so called “morals” or “values”.  It’s all a bunch of malarkey.

If Conservatives think it’s perfectly OK to have a former prostitute and porn star as a First Lady, then I don’t ever again want to hear about women being fired from their jobs for having nude or sexual photos of them brought to light.  I better not ever again hear about women being called nasty names for dressing sexy or baring too much skin.  And I most certainly better not ever hear another pearl-clutching Puritan complain about how my pole dancing hobby is “slutty”, “trashy”, or “scandalous”.  If our very own First Lady of the United States can parade around naked without any judgment or reproach, then it’s now perfectly OK for every other woman to do it, too.  Get ready America, because if I ever win another beauty pageant title or hold another high-ranking public job again in the future, I’m going to shoot and release a full spread of professional nude boudoir photos of myself and proudly declare that I am merely emulating our “classy and elegant” First Lady.  And parents, enjoy having this awkward discussion with your young daughters when they come home from school and tell you how some boy in class showed them naked pictures of the First Lady.

My dearly beloved Grandmother whom I often write about was a staunch Conservative Republican all of her life, but I can absolutely guarantee you that she would be utterly disgusted with Melania Trump if she were alive today to see this.  Grandma was a Republican, but she was a proper lady first and foremost, and she would not hesitate to loudly voice her disgust at having a hooker and a porn star as a First Lady.  As much as I miss her, I’m actually kinda glad she isn’t here to see any of this.  In fact, I think this entire election would have been very disconcerting for her.  Despite being a staunch Conservative Republican, I do believe Grandma would have had a very difficult time voting for Trump.  She mentioned several times when she was alive that she did not think Trump was fit for political office.  She thought he might work well as a member of another President’s Cabinet on financial or economic matters, but she did not think he possessed the knowledge, experience, and character needed to be President.

Anyway, let me reiterate the entire point of this post:  Do not ever feel that it is wrong to demand basic standards of professional behavior and conduct of those in positions of high rank and authority.  Adhering to standards of professionalism is what helps keep us civilized.  When we let our standards slide and don’t demand the utmost respectability from our elected leaders and public figures, we end up with what we have now:  a foul-mouthed, bigoted, racist, women-hating, completely inexperienced, sexual predator, reality TV star in the White House running our country along with his former prostitute and porn star wife.  Wow…..way to keep it classy,  America.


2 thoughts on “From Class to Trash”

  1. I understand what you are saying but you must remember that these photographs were quite a long time ago. EVERYBODY has done things in their life that in one way or another would be under scrutinizing if they ran for public office. There is such a thing as people changing and no longer making choices that they had chose in the past. They may not even be the same person any longer. It sounds as if you have led an exemplary life your entire life and you have done nothing that would ever place you under the public microscope of scrutiny. I applaud you for that–seriously. This is something I did not attain myself. Many people, as myself have not lived making wise choices, we have not lived a perfect, clean life that God would be pleased of. I can tell you that I was an outright whore in my twenties and thirties–ashamed to say it but at the time, I could have cared less.

    Today I am not that same person–not a chance.When I think of many of the things that I did, I gasp! What the hell was I thinking comes to mind as well. Does this mean that because I failed to walk with God in my youth, I did very bad things that I am not proud of but I can not change (Only change my present behavior.) that I have earned the title of classless whore for my entire life until I die..regardless that I have completely changed and I am not remotely the same person of my youth? So should we say that someone has no class because of their failures from their past? Even if they are completely changed? I am happy to know that you were able to walk a great walk that you are proud of, I wish I could say the same about me but I can’t. I will keep this in mind when I am called a ‘whore’ down the road. I will understand that I will be considered a whore, regardless of changing to be a classy, loving, compassionate, good person with great values, ones that God is proud of. This writing has prepared me with the knowledge that it will matter not to those who have walked a Godly walk. Once a whore always a whore will be in affect regardless of my changes.


    1. I never said that I have lived a perfect life. I merely said that I did everything I could to keep my normal human behavior out of the public eye so that I wouldn’t bring any embarrassment or damage to my crown.

      If you used to be a person you didn’t like and changed yourself for the better, then that’s great. It doesn’t mean that you are still a “whore”. For the record, I never called Melania a whore or a slut, either. But the rules are different when you are a high ranking public figure than when you’re an average person. Yes, Melania’s nude photos and porn videos are from her past, but they still tarnish her character and reputation as a First Lady. I don’t make the rules, I’m just explaining what the rules are.

      As I said in my blog, Donald already knew about his wife’s sordid past as a sex worker, and he should never have run for President knowing that his wife’s past would be a black mark on her global reputation as First Lady. He should have had more respect for Melania and the Office of the Presidency by choosing not to run for President. His choice to run for office is what has put his wife’s seedy past in a negative spotlight. I blame this on him more than I do her.


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