The Art and Sport of Pole Dancing

Due to money being so tight this past summer, I had to stop going to my pole dance classes for a few months.  I also had to work so much that I didn’t have enough free time or energy to go to class.  But now that the dreadful slow summer season is over, I have the spare money and time to go back to classes again.

I’ve been wanting to share a video of me pole dancing for quite some time now, but I hadn’t gotten around to it yet due to working and wanting to wait until I had perfected a few of the new difficult stunts I have been working on the for the last year.  But I figured I had waited long enough, so at the end of my last class I had the instructor take a short video of me playing around on one of the stationary poles.  So I’m sharing that video with you here for your viewing pleasure:

I was a little rusty and some of my movements and transitions weren’t very smooth, but that will all come back to me with more practice.  I’ve come a long way since I first began this, but there is still so much more for me to learn.  I made sure to share this video on my Facebook page in order to show all of the Puritanical pearl-clutchers from my hometown area what pole dancing is REALLY all about.  People have a tendency to automatically equate pole dancing with drug addicted strippers dancing naked for money.  But there is actually a HUGE difference between strippers and pole dancers.  Pole dancing is a lot like professional gymnastics….you have to have the strength, flexibility, and agility of a professional athlete in order to do it.

My 21-year-old cousin recently got into pole dancing this past year, too.  (She takes A LOT after me in many ways. LOL)  She’s been a formally trained ballerina and tumbler for most of her life, and I guess she decided that pole dancing would be a good avenue to explore next.  Unfortunately for her, she still lives in our close-minded rural region, and I can only imagine the nasty and hateful judgment and vitriol she likely receives from the narrow-minded Puritanical people there.  Hopefully she has a strong enough sense of self not to let their narrow-mindedness get to her.



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