Why This Election Is Driving Me to Madness

For the last sixteen years, I’ve noticed that each Presidential election has gotten uglier and more frightening.  And this current election is by far the ugliest, scariest, and most disgusting one I’ve ever seen.  To be honest, it is literally stressing me out and making me crazy, and I know I’m not the only one, either.

Why would a Presidential election cycle make me stressed out and crazy, you might ask?

Well first of all, look at the two candidates we have to choose from.  Hilary is OK I guess, but she wasn’t my first choice.  I was actually rooting for Bernie Sanders, since he seems to really understand the struggles that regular Americans are dealing with everyday.  He gets it.  I don’t think Hilary would do a lot of damage to our country, but I’m not so sure that she would do much to help improve it, either.

And then look at the other candidate running for office….the billionaire oligarch, inexperienced, loud-mouthed, Narcissistic, racist, women-hating, toddler who seems to be taking several moves straight from Adolf Hitler’s playbook, openly brags about how he can do whatever he wants with women and get away with it simply because he is rich and famous, and has a reeeaaallly cozy friendship with Vladimir Putin, the corrupt leader of one of our enemy nations.  Whenever someone criticizes him or hurts his wittle feewings, he runs to Twitter and shoots off his filthy mouth while hiding behind his computer just like a 12-year-old bully in Middle School.  That kind of behavior is COMPLETELY unprofessional and unfit for someone aspiring to be the Leader of the Free World.  Everyone in the entire world knows this is not how any political leader should act, and every other nation in the world is now laughing their asses off at us because of him and his childish behavior.  He has NO experience whatsoever with political leadership or diplomacy.  And somehow THIS guy was chosen to run for the highest office in the land??

And what’s even worse than this Orange Wannabe Dictator’s behavior are his deranged worshipers.  Notice how I said “worshipers” instead of voters, supporters, or fans.  I used the term worshipers because that is exactly what these people are:  They are literally worshiping the ground Trump walks on with blind loyalty.  Trump has even said so himself that he could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue in New York City and shoot someone dead in the street, and that his worshipers would still vote for him.  And he’s absolutely right.  Even after the release of the audio tapes of Trump bragging about how he forcibly kisses and gropes women just because he’s rich and famous—which is sexual assault—and the countless women of all ages who have come forward about Trump acting sexually aggressive to them, I have seen and heard many of his worshipers proclaim, “I don’t care what he says or does, he still has my vote!”  Trump is scheduled to appear in court again this December after a Federal judge ruled that there is enough evidence to proceed with a case against him for allegedly raping a 13 year old child….and I guarantee you that his worshipers don’t give a damn about it.  They will still gleefully cast their vote for a child rapist.  Even a woman whose own daughter was raped proclaimed to me that she is still voting for Trump no matter how much he talks about sexually assaulting women.  That literally made me sick to my stomach.

Seeing so many people in my own country proclaim blind, undying loyalty to a political candidate just as the Germans did for Adolf Hitler during his rise to power scares the shit out of me.  Nothing good can come from such blind adulation for a political ruler, particularly one who makes no bones about the fact that he wants to deport entire ethnic and religious groups of people from this country.  Again, WHO does that sound like??

Trump’s worshipers, particularly his female worshipers who still adore him despite his incessant open disrespect to women and the countless accusations of sexual misconduct against him, remind me a lot of Charlie Manson’s followers back in the 1960’s:  deranged, psychologically damaged, unstable, and easily driven to violence.  I recently read an article that discussed how Trump’s following has turned into something of an actual cult, which I think is absolutely correct.  It really does appear anymore that Trump has become some sort of cult leader with a large group of followers who will do anything he tells them to do, believe anything he tells them, and defend him no matter what he does or says.  I even read an article about a female Trump worshiper in Pennsylvania who was so obsessed with Trump that she would scream out “There’s Big Daddy!!  Here comes Big Daddy!!” whenever she would watch Trump during his televised rallies.  Now does that sound anything like normal behavior to you?  Then again, the fact that this woman was also involuntarily hospitalized twice also likely has something to do with it.

A female Trump worshiper exuding class and dignity by making light of his bragging about sexually assaulting women.

As an educated person who can easily recognize historical parallels and hypocrisy and looks at facts and the whole picture, it just absolutely disgusts me to be surrounded by so many people who for some reason have become so utterly brainwashed that they have given their undying support to a horrible man and refuse to acknowledge or disapprove of any of the horrible things he says and does.  Several of my own longtime friends have become so brainwashed and enamored with Trump that they have suddenly turned against me and said and done vicious things to me.  Just a few nights ago, one of my female friends who is a fanatical Trump worshiper got mad at me when I became exasperated with her constantly trying to convince me to vote for Trump and told her I would never vote for him under any circumstances and that I no longer wanted to discuss it with her.  Her response was to tell me, “You only care about feminism and not the security of our borders against terrorists and illegal aliens.  You’ll think differently when you get raped by a Muslim refugee if Hilary wins.”  What in the fuck…threatening that I will be raped by Muslims if I don’t vote for Trump?!?!?  That is just utterly reprehensible!!  She then went on to say that Islam is the ONLY religion in the world that has terrorist members, to which I promptly shut that argument down by listing every domestic terrorist attack that has been perpetrated by deranged Christian fundamentalists.

What’s even more shocking than my friend’s extraordinarily ignorant remarks is that she is a very Liberal minded, feminist Pagan.  She doesn’t even LIKE Christianity, yet she suddenly defends it when discussing Muslims or Trump.   What’s even more odd is that if you ask my friend WHY she is voting for Trump, she cannot give you one single answer why.  She just immediately goes into a tirade listing off every thing she hates about Hilary Clinton.  She cannot articulate one reason at all why she likes Trump or the things he is promoting.  And that’s because she’s not supporting him based on logic and facts, she’s supporting him out of pure emotion.  She’s basing her vote off of her hatred of Hilary and her hatred of non-white people, which she openly admits to, and nothing more.  That’s an alarming observation…..and what’s even more alarming is that there are A LOT of other people doing the exact same thing.  Most Trump worshipers can’t (or won’t) give you specific reasons why they prefer Trump over Hilary.  And that’s because their reasons are all based on pure emotions of hate and fear that they cannot articulate into words.  They don’t know WHY they feel this way, they only know that they DO.

However, I do personally know one person who has specifically articulated why he is voting for Trump:  my father.  We had this conversation one day when I asked him out of the blue who he was planning to vote for in this election.  Without any hesitation, he answered, “Trump, of course!”  When I asked him why he was voting for Trump, he did not mince any words:  “I know that Trump will be a disaster for this country, and that’s why I’m voting for him.  I want revenge on this country for putting a nigger in the White House for eight years.  Trump will destroy this country, and I want to watch it go down in flames as payback.

I was utterly appalled to hear that kind of talk coming from my father’s mouth, but I also couldn’t say that I was surprised by it.  I love my father and he is a very intelligent man, but he has always been an extremely racist person.  But the difference between my father and most other Trump worshipers is that he isn’t afraid to openly blurt out exactly why he is voting for Trump.  Most people are somewhat ashamed of their own racism and bigotry, because they don’t often broadcast it for everyone to know.  But my father DOES.  He has no fear of what anyone else thinks of him or his views.  But whether they admit it or not, I know that the vast majority of Trump’s worshipers are voting for him because they feel the exact same way that my father does.

So yes, being surrounded by so many friends and strangers who are basically giving the Heil Hitler salute to Donald Trump and standing by him no matter what he does or says is making me a little crazy.  I cannot believe my eyes and ears when I hear men I’ve known for years and consider to be my friends suddenly DEFENDING Trump’s vulgar talk about sexually assaulting women, leering at naked underage pageant contestants, and making sexualized remarks about his own daughter.  Every day I look around me at all these people and wonder to myself, “What in the everloving fuck has happened to this country?!?!?

As someone with a college degree in History, I cannot ignore the alarming parallels I see between this and the rise of the Nazi Party back in the 1930’s.  During his many political speeches, Adolf Hitler made it known to the German people that a vote for him would be a vote for dictatorship.  He promised them a “pure” Germany that would be rid of all Jews and any other “undesirable” peoples in exchange for a dictatorship.  And the German people willingly gave it to him.  Before that, Germany had a democratic government.  And the German people willingly threw that away in exchange for a dictatorship…all because Hitler knew exactly how to push their buttons and manipulate their fears and prejudices.  I see the exact same scenario forming here in the US with Trump, and it is terrifying to think that the exact same thing could happen here.

Another thing that has had me on edge lately is how Trump’s unapologetic talk about how he can “kiss and grab women by the pussies” seems to be emboldening other men to do the same.  As a female, I’ve dealt with unwanted male attention since I was 12 years old.  But lately I’ve noticed an uptick in men being brave enough to touch me without my permission.  Just last week, some weird older man I didn’t know and had never met before approached me in public and began asking me all kinds of personal questions.  At one point he asked me “Do you have any kids?” and then REACHED OUT AND TOUCHED MY CROTCH as he asked me!!!!   I flew into a blind rage in a split second and began pounding his face and head with my fists.  This wasn’t the first time I have ever had to beat the shit out of an unknown man for daring to touch my crotch or breasts, and I’m honestly surprised that I have never been arrested and sent to jail for it yet.  It may happen someday, but it will be well worth it to defend myself from men who believe they are entitled to grab and touch any woman they see.  But the point I’m getting at here is that undoubtedly more men are now thinking it’s cute and funny and OK to do this to women just because Donald Trump does it and says that it’s OK.  So now I find myself on edge all the time when I’m near strange men I don’t know, because I never know when one of them might take a notion to touch me without my consent.  That’s not a very pleasant way to go through life each day, but sadly this is how A LOT of women live.

If there’s a silver lining to all of this disgusting behavior and rhetoric we’ve been seeing from Trump, it’s that it is causing more and more sane people to turn away from him and not vote for him, so it’s likely he will lose this election.  Hilary is not my favorite person, but I’ll definitely take her as President over Trump any day!!  But one question will still remain:  What will become of the huge numbers of Trump worshipers when Trump loses?  The veil has been lifted, and these people have exposed themselves for all the world to see.  So where will they go once the election is over and Hilary is our new President?  I highly doubt they will just silently slither back underneath whatever rocks them came from, so what will they do?  How will they deal with their hatred, raging anger and defeat?  That, too, scares the shit out of me.

There’s no doubt about it that we are currently living in a very tumultuous time and witnessing some huge historical events in the making.  I just hope that we can get through it without a ton of violence, bloodshed, and upheaval.  And for the love of all things holy, I just want this election to be over and done with already.  I don’t know how much more of this brainwashing and filth I can tolerate.


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