Home Improvement

Mission Accomplished!!

A few months ago I wrote a blog post about how I badly wanted to buy a Westminster grandfather clock just like the one that sat in my family’s living room for three decades.  Due to the extraordinarily high cost of this type of clock, it seemed unlikely that I would ever be able to buy one anytime in the foreseeable near future….or even in the next few years.  And that bummed me out, because I REALLY wanted one to help me remember my family and our beloved home.

But wouldn’t you know, I made it happen.  I bought a grandfather clock two weeks ago. 🙂

After discovering how expensive these clocks were when purchased from clock stores and antique stores, I decided to go looking to see if I could find any for sale by private owners.  So I used one of my Buy & Sell apps on my smartphone to search for any grandfather clocks in my area.  Low and behold, I found several of them for sale by private owners.  Three of them were listed for $2,000 and higher, but I found a few that were listed for only a few hundred dollars.

Knowing that these clocks are usually very expensive, I knew that there was probably a catch with the clocks that were being sold for so cheap.  So I decided to go check out a few of them in person so I could inspect them and ask questions about them.

My first choice was a basic model dark colored grandfather clock selling for $150.  I went to the owner’s house to inspect it and find out why they were selling it for such a low price.  The clock was built in 1980 and was in very good condition, but it didn’t work anymore (A-ha!).  However, the owner assured me that if I contacted a professional clock repair company then they would be able to easily get it working again.

After some thoughtful consideration, I decided to go ahead and buy this clock.  So I paid the $150 for it and had the owner deliver it to my home for me.  Then I immediately called a local clock repair company and made an appointment with them to come and repair the clock.


The clock repairmen made a house call to my home a few days later to give the clock a full cleaning and oiling and to repair it.  It cost me another $225, but only an hour later I had a fully working grandfather clock!  And the Westminster chimes that it plays every quarter hour sound EXACTLY like the chimes in my grandparents’ old grandfather clock.  This clock is a 1980 Imperial Pearl model.  It’s a more basic model in that it does not include the lunar clock at the very top that some grandfather clocks have.

I absolutely LOVE this clock!!!!!!  I love looking at it every time I enter my living room.  I love listening to the calming ticking sound of the pendulum.  And most of all, I love hearing the old familiar sound of the Westminster chimes as if I were back home again.  It’s very emotionally stimulating for me.  And the clock really gives my home a vintage Northern accent, too!!  Everyone who has seen my new clock so far has been utterly impressed with it.  You don’t see this type of clock very often at all anymore, so everyone who has seen it thinks it’s really neat.  My friend Emilie said it looks like something out of an old fairy tale storybook.

So for a total of only $375, I was able to buy a beautiful grandfather clock that normally would have cost nearly ten times that much.  I consider that to be one Hell of a bargain!!!  Grandma and Grandpa would have been so proud of me for finding one of these clocks at such a bargain steal.  And I hope the familiar sound of this clock will draw their spirits closer to me.


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