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Sad News

Today was supposed to be a happy day at my home.  We were expecting the arrival of Henry today after he received his necessary medical care at the animal control clinic.  Then right before I was preparing to go pick up Henry, I got a call from the clinic with sad news.

Henry’s owner came to the clinic and claimed him.  According to the woman I talked to at the animal clinic, Henry belongs to some woman who lives in the building behind mine, which would explain why I am always seeing him outside in that area.  I have no idea how this woman knew that Henry was at the animal control clinic or how she even noticed he was gone in the first place since she leaves him outside at all hours of the day and night.  I have found Henry wandering around outside in the middle of the night when no one else is awake.  He is also left outside during the daytime when it is extremely hot.

It pisses me off that his piece of shit owner was allowed to come and claim him.  The physical condition Henry is in should have been more than enough proof for the staff at the clinic to see that he is NOT being taken care of at all.  He is not micro-chipped, he is not neutered, he is skinny and starving, and he has had NO medical care at all.  This woman needs to be slapped upside of the head and given a thorough lesson on how to properly take care of a pet!!!  Henry should never have been returned to her given the condition he is in.  His owner ought to have animal neglect charges brought against her!!

So since I wasn’t able to adopt Henry, I asked the staff if I would be able to adopt the stray kitten I fostered and brought into the clinic the same day I brought Henry in.  The woman at the clinic told me she would put the kitten on hold for me until he had gone through his surgery and vaccinations.

Then ten minutes later, I got another call with MORE bad news:  The kitten tested positive for feline leukemia.  It is highly contagious to other cats.  Although I’m pretty sure I have had Lexi vaccinated against feline leukemia, I couldn’t take the chance of adopting this kitten and having Lexi end up contracting the disease.  So the kitten had to be euthanized.

My heart is absolutely breaking right now.  I thought I had saved two lives yesterday, and I ended up saving neither of them.  The little kitten’s life ended before it had barely even begun, and Henry has been returned to his neglectful owner.  I spent last evening getting my guest bedroom prepared for Henry’s arrival where he would be recuperating from his surgery in peace and quiet, and now there is a kitty bed with a fluffy brand new blue baby blanket in it that is sitting empty.


This afternoon I went walking around the area where I usually see Henry, and I discovered which apartment he lives in.  I saw him sitting inside of the glass patio door looking out at me.  I saw a dirty litter box filled with cat waste sitting outside on the patio, and I saw that Henry’s owner had put a collar on him.  Well a collar doesn’t make a damn difference to me.  If I ever see Henry wandering around outside hungry again, I will hold him at my apartment and call the animal control clinic to come and pick him up themselves.  That way there will be a documented record of his owner neglecting him as well as documented proof that the owner is breaking the rules of the lease by not keeping the cat indoors.  The woman at the animal clinic told me that if the owner has to keep returning to claim the cat, the fee she must pay to claim him will keep increasing.  If this happens enough times, then maybe the animal control clinic will not allow her to have the cat back and then I could adopt him.

Few things in this world anger me more than the knowledge of someone abusing or neglecting an animal.  Henry wouldn’t be coming to my front door to scarf down food every other day if he was being adequately fed and cared for by his owner.  And the fact that his owner has left him un-neutered and has been allowing him to run loose and father litters of feral kittens is just unconscionable.

So as of now, Lexi is still the only cat in this household, and the search for another cat to be her sibling continues.

I’m so sorry, Henry.  And to the sweet little kitten I cared for in my home for a night, I’m terribly sorry for you, too.  I failed both of you.


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