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Welcome Home, Henry!!


As of tomorrow afternoon, Lexi is finally going to be a Big Sister!!


You may recall the post I wrote last month about the stray orange cat I found wandering around my apartment complex.  I’ve been feeding him whenever he showed up for the past month.  It was my intent from the day I found him to take him to the local animal control clinic to receive some medical care.  And today I was finally able to capture him and take him to the clinic to get all fixed up.

I have been toying with the idea of adopting a second cat to be a sibling for Lexi for quite some time now.  Originally, I had planned on adopting a kitten since they are easier to handle.  But I’ve had this nagging feeling that I needed to adopt the adult orange male cat, since it seemed as if he chose ME to be his adopted family.  I had pictured myself adopting an orange male kitten, and when this orange male cat showed up out of nowhere, it was as if my wish had been granted.

About a week ago, I noticed a gray male kitten that was often hanging around the orange cat, so I began feeding both cats on my front porch whenever I saw them.  I have a suspicion that the orange cat may have fathered this kitten since they have similar markings.  Last night I decided to strike when the opportunity presented itself, and I brought the kitten inside of my home to keep him overnight so that I could take him over to the county animal control clinic to be fixed up and adopted out.  I kept him enclosed in the guest bedroom away from Lexi and set him up with a little litter box, food and water, and a bed.  He was an absolute little doll, and I probably would have kept him if I didn’t already have the nagging feeling that I should keep the orange cat instead.  The animal clinic said he will be adopted out to a new family in no time.

Upon returning home from the clinic after dropping off the kitten this afternoon, I decided to go searching for the stray orange cat to see if I could find him and capture him to take him to the clinic, too.  He always shows up during the evening and on weekends when the clinic is closed, so I knew I would have to actively search for him to find him during the daytime.  I walked around near the dumpster where I usually see him walking around and I called out for him.  After calling out to him two or three times, he suddenly leaped out at me from the bushes where he had been hiding.  He always recognizes me when he sees me, and he even knows which car is mine!  I lead him back to my porch to feed him and then got into a tussle with him as I struggled to get him into the cat carrier.  He scratched me up pretty good!!

When I brought him to the animal clinic, I was under the impression that they would keep him for a week or two while they neutered him, vaccinated him, treated him for fleas, and fattened him up a bit.  But to my surprise, they said he would be undergoing surgery and all of his treatments today and that I would need to pick him up tomorrow afternoon if I wanted to keep him.  Otherwise, they would release him back into the outdoors as a stray again.  Even though I was not prepared to adopt him right this minute, I had no other choice if I ever wanted to keep him at all.  So I paid the $20 adoption fee and filled out all of the adoption papers right then and there.  I have to return to the clinic sometime between 3-5 PM tomorrow afternoon to pick him up and bring him home.

I imagine he is going to be very uncomfortable and in a lot of pain after going through surgery and all of his shots all in one day, so I will keep him enclosed in my guest bedroom where he can heal and recuperate in peace before meeting his new sister Lexi.  And that means I have until tomorrow to run out and get all of the supplies I’m going to need for him:  Another litter box and more litter, a blue cat bed, a set of boy-gendered food dishes, a boy-gendered place mat for his dishes, and some blue baby blankets. In the meantime, he can use an extra set of Lexi’s girlie pink food dishes and he can sleep in my old baby bassinet that I slept in when I was an infant.

I decided to name him King Henry, since I can already tell that he’s going to grow into a BIG kitty, but I just call him Henry.  I’ve been calling him Henry for a few weeks now, and he already knows his name.  Henry looks like he is somewhere between one and two years old, and it’s obvious that he’s been a homeless stray for his entire life.  Well that all ends tomorrow.  Now he will have a name, a home, and a family.  I expect it to take some time before he and Lexi will get along with each other and suddenly having another cat in the house is going to be a big adjustment for all of us.  But he deserves to have this second chance at life, and I am honored to bring him into our home as a new member of our family.  I cannot wait to spoil him rotten and shower him with lots of love, care, kisses, and attention!!!  He’s a big sweetie, and I’m sure he and Lexi will eventually grow to be loving siblings.  Plus it will be so good for Lexi to have another cat in the house to keep her company when I am gone at work.  I know she gets pretty lonely and bored in here when I’m gone.  Henry is going to be feeling pretty uncomfortable and in a lot of pain when he arrives home tomorrow, so he’s going to needs lots of healing vibes to help him recover and grow big and strong and healthy.

I feel like I’ve really done a good deed today.  I saved TWO lives today and got two lovable cats off the streets.  Welcome home and welcome to our family, Henry!! ❤



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