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Westminster Clock

As I have said before, grief can make a person do strange things and cling to strange things.

And as I have also mentioned before, my intense grief over losing my grandparents and the beloved home I grew up in this past year has driven me to cling to anything that reminds me of my family’s former home and to try to recreate it as much as possible in my own home here in Florida.  Anything that can help keep the essence of my family and our old home alive.  And the other day, I was suddenly struck with a realization….I suddenly thought of something that was in our home for my entire life and that I now BADLY want for my own home:  A Westminster grandfather clock.

We had a Westminster grandfather clock that sat in our living room since 1983.  My grandfather purchased it as a kit and put it together himself as a Christmas present to Grandma.  It sat in the exact same spot in our living room for nearly 35 years.  There are at least four main different chime melodies that clocks and bells ring:  The Westminster, St. Michael’s, the Canterbury, and the Winchester.  The Westminster chime is the tune that the Big Ben clock near the Westminster Cathedral in London plays when it chimes.  Grandpa’s family was from the Wales area in England, so naturally Grandpa ordered a Westminster clock.  Every note of the melody that clock played every half hour has been forever etched in my memory since I was a young child.  And now that my beloved home is gone, I yearn to hear those clock chimes again more than anything.

That’s when I realized the other day that I should just BUY my own Westminster grandfather clock for my own home here in Florida.  Not only would it look absolutely spectacular in my living room and give off a distinct old-time Midwestern accent to my home, but it would also fill my home with the very familiar sound of the Westminster chimes.  It would be so comforting to me to hear those chimes throughout the day and night again just as I did for 35 years.

Unfortunately, this type of clock is VERY expensive no matter if you buy a brand new one or an old antique.  They typically go from anywhere between $2,00 to $4,000.  Yikes…..  It’s gonna take quite awhile before I would have enough money set aside to buy one of these, so I may have to settle for a small Westminster wall clock in the meantime.  So now I have a new purpose to motivate me to go to work every day:  To save up enough money to order a grandfather clock so I can once again hear the Westminster tune that filled my family’s home for over three decades.

In the meantime, I’m making due by actually downloading an app for my iPhone that plays the Westminster chimes every half hour so I can hear it throughout the day and night when I’m at home.  Yeah, I told you that grief can make people do strange things….


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