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Look What the Cat Dragged In

I seem to have made a new friend this morning.  When I went outside to take the recycling out, I saw this orange little boy walking around in the parking lot.  He came right up to me when I spoke to him.  Then he followed me all the way back to my front door.  He would have gladly come inside and made himself at home if I had allowed him.

He has a big lanky build and looks like he’s about a year old.  He has a pointy face, big ears, big blue eyes, and he’s LOUD….even louder than Lexi!!  I would bet that he probably has a good amount of Siamese breed in him.  He’s also super friendly and VERY skinny.  Either he has worms, or he’s just not getting enough to eat.  I don’t know if he’s a stray or if he belongs to someone nearby, but if he belongs to someone then they sure as Hell aren’t taking good care of him!!  I told Lexi that we were going to share some of her food with this hungry little boy, and I set some food and water out for him on the porch.

It made me sad to notice how skinny and sad he looked compared to Lexi, who is fat and well fed, healthy, pampered, and happy.  Every cat deserves to have the kind of life that Lexi has.  Speaking of Lexi, I put the baby gate up and opened the front door so that the two cats could see each other.  Normally, Lexi always hisses and spits and throws a psycho fit when she sees another cat in the vicinity, but to my surprise she didn’t do any of that when she saw this cat!  She just quietly laid down and stared at him.  She didn’t seem to mind him being that close to her territory.  The only other cat she has ever acted chill around, besides Bailey, was my brother’s cat George when he lived at our house for about a year.

I called the local animal control clinic and asked about bringing this cat in to get some medical care.  Even if this cat is someone’s pet, they don’t deserve him if they’re neglecting him like this.  The clinic told me that they spay/neuter stray domestic animals, give them a full round of shots, and then release them back into the public.  They would still be strays, but at least this way they won’t be reproducing or spreading diseases.  They said if I wanted to keep him, then they would release him to me.

This is something I would have to think about.  Although I have been toying with the idea of getting another cat to help keep Lexi company, I’m really not ready to do it right now.  I’m still in the middle of the grueling Summer Slump at work, and right now isn’t the best time for me to be spending money on more supplies for another cat.  My original plan was to wait until after September and then comb through all of the local animal shelters and choose a baby kitten to adopt.  But it looks like this cat may have already chosen ME.  What’s uncanny about this is that I had been thinking a lot about selecting an orange colored male kitten to adopt, and now this orange male cat has suddenly popped up out of nowhere.  I’m sure this was probably the work of my Lesser Magic and the power of my own thoughts materializing again, but I just wish it could have waited a little longer to happen.

Whether or not I will keep him remains to be seen.  For right now, I just want to capture him and get him some medical care.  I will continue to leave food and water out on my porch and watch to see if he comes around again.


4 thoughts on “Look What the Cat Dragged In”

  1. What a cutie. I wonder if the clinic you called participates in what is referred to as Return-to-Field. It’s a little different than TNR. The idea is that if it is someone’s cat, that they will be able to find it again, but of course with the necessary spay/neuter and shots. Good luck!


    1. Honestly, if this cat does already belong to someone, I don’t want them to get him back. They clearly are not feeding him or taking care of him, so they do not deserve him. He deserves a home where he will be fed, cared for, and loved.

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