My Pets

Baby Maybe?

Now that Lexi is the only cat in the household since Bailey passed away last fall, I’ve been thinking about adopting a new sibling for Lexi.

Now that Lexi is here with me in Florida and it’s just the two of us now, I’ve noticed that she has become clingier and more restless.  I’m sure she gets lonely and bored with me being out of the house for work a lot with no one else around to keep her company.  As jealous as Lexi can be sometimes when it comes to sharing attention, I really do think it might be good for her to have a sibling and a playmate again to keep her company and help entertain her.

Bringing another pet into our home is not something I want to rush into.  I want to make sure I am fully prepared before bringing in a second animal to care for and love for a lifetime.  It would probably be best to wait until the Summer Financial Slump is over with before committing to the expense of a second pet.  Ideally, I need to wait until business picks up again where I can afford to take off from work for several days in order to monitor the new cat and help it adjust to its new home while also helping Lexi adjust to life with another cat in the house.  What’s kind of sad about this…and a few other people have commented on this…is that I’ve already given a lot more thought and consideration about adopting a new pet than a lot of people do when it comes to having a kid.  If only more people would put even half as much thought as this into breeding kids, then the world would be a far better place.

Although I don’t have any plans to adopt another cat right away, I’ve already taken the first step by following every animal shelter in the tri-county SoFla region on Facebook.  I’m keeping my eyes open for any posts about cats for adoption that catch my eye.  I even considered taking in two special needs cats from an animal hospital in Miami who are in need of homes.  Of course ultimately, the right cat will choose me.  So for right now, I’m just patiently waiting for the right time and the right cat to come along. It will all fall into place on its own.

I look forward to possibly adding one more to our household and adding more love, laughter, and life to my home.  Whoever it might be, the cat who ends up joining my family will be a very lucky kitty indeed.



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