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Grandma’s Voice

I have a few old voicemail messages from Grandma saved on my phone.  I only have three to be exact, and I wish I had saved more of them instead of deleting them after listening to them back when she left them on my phone, but I’m grateful that I have these three messages from her.

There is one particular voicemail from her that is my favorite.  She left it on my phone back in early January of 2015, about a week and a half after I returned to Florida after spending two weeks at home for my final Christmas with her.  Apparently I was really busy with work after I returned home and she got curious about me after not hearing from me for over a week, so she called and left this message when I didn’t answer.  I listen to this voicemail whenever I am missing her badly and need to hear her voice again.  I will never delete this voice message from my phone.  I even made sure to transfer this voicemail file to my computer and upload a backup copy online so that I’ll never lose it.  I miss being able to call her up on the phone and hear her voice again like I did for 30+ years.


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