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Christian Extremism Is Just As Bad As Muslim Extremism

I’m still battling a nasty head cold while also trying to get myself prepared for my upcoming trip to Denver this weekend and get as much work done as I possibly can before I leave early on Friday morning.  I’m sitting here at my computer trying to do some work with a pile of used Kleenexes littering my desk and my mini space heater sitting on the floor next to me blowing hot air on my shivering feverish body.  It’s not going very well.

But the reason why I’m taking the time to fire off this blog post is because throughout my work days I often check Facebook and read articles as well as post links to articles I’ve read.  And as you could probably guess, I sometimes get into heated discussions/arguments with other people on Facebook over the content of those articles.  And today I got into a heated discussion with a few of my friends, both from Illinois and here in Florida, that got me really fired up to the point where I felt I needed to come to my own blog and vent about it in a post.

Today it all started when I posted a link to an article about Donald Trump’s proposal to ban all Muslim people from entering the US.  I have no idea how Trump thinks he could ever actually successfully pull off such a stunt considering that Islam is an intangible belief system, not a race or nationality that can easily be visually identified.  There are Muslims all over the world from all continents, races, and nationalities.  And Muslim believers, much like the followers of all other religious belief systems, fall on a spectrum.  Some Muslims are very liberal and modern and look, dress, and act much like Western non-Muslims, and some Muslims are very strict and Conservative and can easily be spotted by their traditional attire.  I have several Muslim friends who are very Westernized and look and act just like I do.  I never even knew that one of my college friends was a Muslim until we were in our 30’s and he told me so.  His family is from India, so I had always assumed that he was Hindu or something.  And since all religious faiths are intangible beliefs that are inside of our minds and can be hidden or shown at will, then how does Trump propose that the US could effectively identify and ban all Muslims from entering the country?  Anyone can decide to become a Muslim or to stop being a Muslim at any given moment.  I could convert and become a Muslim tomorrow if I wanted to.  And if I did, how would someone like Trump ever know?  I’d slip right past his grimy fingers.  The point is that trying to ban billions of people from entering a country based on an intangible belief system that they may or may not hold in their minds and that cannot be easily identified simply by looking at someone is an exercise in futility.  It’s absolutely impossible.  All it would do is piss off more people around the world and make our foreign relations with other nations even shakier.

But of course, that point falls on deaf ears with the people who have been conditioned to believe that ALL Muslims are violent, bloodthirsty, American-hating barbarians who are Hell-bent on taking down this country at any chance they can get.  And, as usual, I heard the same old tired talking point that Christians are far more peaceful and civil than Muslims and that the sheer number of deaths caused by Muslim extremists compared to Christian extremists is proof of that.

Oh, but it’s NOT.

Muslims are a very diverse group of people spanning the entire globe.  And right now the very small percentage of violent extremists who have infiltrated and defiled the world’s largest religion are centered in the Middle East and are responsible for all of the bullshit and carnage we are seeing.  Ordinary Muslims fear and loathe ISIS and the Taliban more than anyone else because they are right in the cross hairs of their violence.  The lives of ordinary Muslims are far more affected and disrupted by the extremists than the lives of Americans across the ocean, because they are living right there in the epicenter of it.  The reason why we see violence and murder committed on a much larger scale within the Muslim culture than in our own Christian culture is not because Muslims are inherently more prone to violence than Christians.  It’s because those atrocities are happening in countries that are either A) war-torn and destabilized with no stable law enforcement system in place to punish the extremists who wreak violence upon innocent people, or B) theocratic nations where their laws are based upon their flawed ancient Holy Book and therefore religious based violence is allowed and condoned.

Just because you don’t see Christians running around here in America murdering people in the name of Jesus doesn’t mean they are a more civilized peaceful group of people.  I was raised up in an extremist Fundamentalist Southern Baptist church….the kind where dancing wasn’t allowed and the preacher would pound his fist on the pulpit and scream and yell at the parishioners about how they were going to burn in Hell if they didn’t obey God…so I know better than most people just how prone to violence Christians really are.  We are fortunate to live in a secular country where our laws are not based on religion.  That’s why you don’t see millions of Christians running around terrorizing and murdering non-Christians, gays, women, etc. on the same level that you see Muslim extremists doing so.  Our secular laws do not tolerate or allow such acts, so you don’t see as much of it here as you do in other nations that are governed by theocracies.

But don’t think for one second that Christians in America wouldn’t jump at the chance to begin terrorizing and murdering anyone who doesn’t toe the line of their religious beliefs if they were allowed to get away with it.  If the US were to ever become a Christian theocratic nation with laws based on the Old Testament Bible or a war-torn nation in which we no longer had a stable central government and law enforcement to keep the peace, you better believe that we would see Fundamentalist Christians of various sects targeting and murdering gays, women, non-Christians, transgender people, Liberals, and anyone else they viewed as “others” on a scale every bit as large as what we are seeing with ISIS and the Taliban….and possibly even BIGGER.  Believe me, I spent the majority of my life surrounded by such people, and I am all too aware of how they really are and what they are capable of.  I have personally witnessed verbal abuse, threats, and violent behavior from “peaceful loving Christians” that would make even a seasoned ISIS member squirm.  This is why I have always maintained over and over again that there is NO difference between radical Christians and radical Muslims.  They are EXACTLY the same people.  The only difference between them is the name of the god they pray to.

If you have read any of my other blog posts, then you already know that I am no fan of religion at all.  I have no need or use for it.  I was raised in a Fundamentalist church that instilled a lot of damaging thoughts and ideas into my head along with a lot of unnecessary guilt and shame that took me years to undo.  Later on in my life, I eschewed organized religion and church attendance and opted for just spirituality instead.  But as I attained more and more higher education, that caused me to ask more questions which in turn lead me to see that even the spiritual ideas I still held onto were not logical.  I do not believe in the Biblical stories of the Garden of Eden, Noah’s arc, the virgin birth of Jesus, the resurrection,  or Job living inside of a whale for days because I am simply too educated to believe such stories at face value or “faith”.  I am a logical, analytical person who asks questions and seeks logical answers.  And simply being told “God did it” or “You just have to have faith and believe that this happened” is not good enough for me.  So at this stage in my life I am pretty much an Atheist who seeks out my own personal happiness and wants to be left alone while leaving everyone else alone.

Although I do not care for religion myself, I do have many long-term friends who belong to a variety of religions ranging from Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, and Pagan.  Since moving to a metropolitan area, I’ve had the chance to meet and talk with people from all over the world from different nations, cultures, and religions.  And while I personally believe that all religions are horseshit, I have to admit that so far I have gotten along with my Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, and Pagan friends and acquaintances far better than I have with many of the Christians I’ve known or come into contact with.  For the most part, non-Christians are pretty cool with me and they leave me the Hell alone.  I have never once dealt with a Muslim, Jew, or Pagan showing up at my door trying to sell their religion to me or acting abusive towards me when I don’t follow their religious rules.  Maybe I’ve just been lucky so far, but all of my interactions with non-Christians have been pretty positive.  If I have ever encountered any non-Christians who were offended by my lack of beliefs and the way I conduct my life, then they simply just stopped associating with me.  But I HAVE dealt with plenty of shit from Christian family members, friends, schoolmates, acquaintances, and total strangers far more times than I could ever count.  From my perspective, it seems that most Christians have no concept of personal boundaries, personal space, privacy, or basic respect for other people.  They will not hesitate to stick their noses into my personal business and dictate to me how I should live, act, dress, think, and believe.  I’ve had to cut off and disown several Christian relatives and friends because they refused to respect my personal boundaries and their behavior towards me bordered on abusive…and sometimes WAS outright abusive.  When a Christian friend I had been close with for years suddenly went kooky and began telling me I was going to “burn in Hell” for being pro-choice and not dressing conservatively enough, I did not hesitate to tell her to take her mythical beliefs and threats and shove them straight up her ass where the sun didn’t shine and ordered her to never speak to me again.

For a religion that claims to be so “peaceful and loving”, I sure have had a lot of Christians tell me that I will burn in Hell for not doing as they say and even threaten to outright KILL ME simply for admitting that I’ve had an abortion before.  Just look at all of the Christians who have murdered doctors, nurses, and patients at abortion clinics and blown up women’s health clinics in the name of Jesus, along with all of the Christians who have threatened to harm or kill gay people, transgender people, and women who have admitted to having had abortions, and then try to tell me that Muslims are far more violent and extreme.  For what it’s worth, no Muslim person I have ever known has ever given me any guff over having had an abortion.  It’s only the Christians who have done that.  So don’t tell me that Christians don’t have a penchant for violence and intolerance just because you don’t see it as blatantly as you do with Muslim extremists.  Because believe me, it’s there.  I’ve been on the receiving end of enough violent threats from Christians to know that it’s there hidden just underneath the surface.  Why do you think so many “peaceful and loving” American Christians are so obsessed with gun ownership and the Second Amendment?  It’s because the violent tendencies are there simmering just below the surface.  They may not be legally allowed to take their guns and shoot anyone who doesn’t agree with or follow their religious rules, but the desire is there nonetheless.  They may not always express it out loud, but I have a strong suspicion that many Christians would not hesitate to murder anyone who didn’t agree with them if they were suddenly allowed to do so.  And I believe that is why they are so fond of guns.  I like guns too, and I’ve been shooting guns since I was about seven years old.  But it just strikes me as very odd that people who claim to be such devout followers of a religion that preaches peace and non-violence are so adamant about hoarding and openly carrying guns in public.

And if you still don’t believe that Christians are just as violent and insane as Muslim extremists, then I suggest you crack open a History book and read up on the Spanish Inquisition.  The gruesome torture tactics that the Roman Catholic Church developed for use against its own followers during the Inquisition would be a wet dream for today’s ISIS members.

Regardless of whether your religion is Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Paganism, Hinduism, Sikhism, or whatever, I think they are all shit and I want nothing to do with them.  But as long as you treat me with basic respect and don’t try to shove your religious beliefs down my throat and tell me now to live my own life, then we will get along fine.  And as long as Christians continue to wave their dicks around in everyone’s faces and demand that their bigotry, misogyny, and Bronze Age views be allowed to control everyone else, and as long as Christians continue to threaten to slit my throat and cut me up in pieces simply for admitting without shame that I am pro-choice and have had an abortion (yes, they actually do make threats like that to me), then I will continue to insist that they are no different at all from ISIS and other non-Christian extremists.

Anyway, as for this hypothetical ban on all people who follow the tenets of the Muslim faith, HAHAHAHAHA!!!!  Yeah, good luck with that.  Only in a lunatic’s wet dreams would a wild fantasy like that ever actually play out.  Go home, Trump, you’re drunk!


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