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The Hypocricy of ESPN

I don’t care much for sports and I never watch ESPN, but I was a little perturbed when I heard the news that one of ESPN’s employees, Curt Schilling, was fired for making political statements on his personal Facebook page.

I don’t know who the guy is, but apparently he made some bold statements on Facebook in favor of banning transgendered people from being allowed to use whichever restroom best matches their chosen gender.  I don’t agree with Schilling’s opinions, and when I went to check out his Facebook page I saw that it contained a lot of Right-Wing bigoted rhetoric.  But that is neither here nor there.

While I do not agree with Schillings’ political opinions, I recognize that he has the right to have them.  What I do not understand about this matter is why Curt Schilling was promptly fired from ESPN for making heated political statements on his own Facebook page while Britt McHenry was merely given a light slap on the wrist and allowed to keep her job after viciously bullying a cashier at a towing office right to her face knowing she was being filmed while doing it.  That doesn’t make much sense.  Is there something I’m missing here?

It was actually a year ago this week that the video of Princess Britt’s potty-mouthed tantrum went viral throughout the media.  For those of you who don’t remember it or never heard about it, here’s what happened:  McHenry was in Virginia at the time and had gone out to some restaurant in the evening.  She apparently had way too much to drink and wandered off drunk somewhere and left her car parked at the restaurant for at least two hours after the restaurant had closed.  There is a big sign in the parking lot of the restaurant that clearly says “No Parking After Hours, Vehicles Will Be Towed”.  But Britt-Britt is one of those extra special princesses who doesn’t think that rules and laws apply to her, so she left her car parked there anyway.  So naturally, the restaurant called a towing company and had her car towed.

When a hungover Britt finally found her way back to the restaurant the next morning and found her car missing, she was directed to go over to Advanced Towing to pick up her impounded car.  And when she arrived there, she was so insulted at the fact that HER precious car had been towed after she had left it abandoned in a No Parking zone that she decided to go full Psycho Bitch on the innocent cashier behind the counter and tear her to pieces for not being as educated, successful, pretty, or as thin as Her Royal Highness. The entire disgusting tirade was caught on security camera and later released to the media.  Here’s the infamous video footage that spread through the media like a California wildfire after the incident:

As you can see from the captioned video, Princess Better Than You made sure to inform the clueless cashier behind the counter several times that she worked in television….as if anyone gives a rat’s ass.  Then she completely tore this poor woman apart by making fun of her teeth, her weight, and her (assumed) lack of education and intelligence…which only goes to show how utterly ignorant Britt McHenry is, because who’s to say that the woman working at this towing office didn’t go to college?  In this current job market, lots and lots of people with college degrees are working at menial jobs because that’s all that is available right now.  McHenry pointed out over and over again how much better looking and smarter she was than this woman, acting just like an insecure, Seventh Grade schoolyard bully.  Britt McHenry is pretty much the real life version of Regina George.  Her words and actions were absolutely DISGUSTING.

What I find humorous about this fiasco is that the cashier at the towing office was nice enough to warn Britt at the beginning of her psycho tirade that there was a security camera pointed right at her and that she was being filmed.  She gave Britt a chance to check herself and keep herself out of trouble by letting her know that everything that happens in that office is filmed.  Now you would think that someone like Britt who “works in television” and is “in the news” and “has a college degree and a brain” would be smart enough to understand what a CAMERA is and what that means when someone says to her “Hey, you’re being filmed.”  And you would also think that someone like Britt who supposedly loves her job and loves flaunting it in everyone’s faces would do everything within her power to guard her job and not do anything to get herself into trouble and risk losing it.

But nope!!

Even after her haggard hungover mug dopily stared right up into the security camera, she calmly continued to rip apart the employee and fire off one immature hateful insult right after another as if it came perfectly natural to her.  As someone who likely makes a pretty good salary working for ESPN (and apparently loves to flaunt how much money she makes on social media), I don’t see why she would be so fired up over having to pay money to get her car back.  The towing bill was probably somewhere around a couple hundred dollars, which shouldn’t put much of a dent in the wallet of someone who likely makes around six figures in income.  And even throwing a temper tantrum that would rival any cranky two-year-old while knowingly being filmed apparently wasn’t enough to satisfy little Britt-Britt’s rage and indignation, because as she was leaving the towing lot with one of her equally immature and catty bitch friends, she made sure to flip off the outside security cameras not just once, but TWICE.  Way to keep it classy, Britt.


I remember that day a year ago when I logged into my Facebook and saw the news story about this featured in one of the local newspapers that I follow on Facebook.  When I read about what she had done and saw the video, I immediately shook my head and began laughing.  I was amused by this because I was not surprised by it at all.  Britt McHenry is originally from here in south Florida.  She came from one of those typical rich snooty families you see here in SoFla, and she’s a spoiled Narcissistic brat who has had everything handed to her in life.  I used to have some rich snobby “friends” who were friends with her.  I actually spoke to Britt once back then, and she was incredibly rude to me.  So when I opened up my Facebook to see that she had been suspended for a week from ESPN for acting like a snotty bitch to someone, I laughed and thought to myself, “Well that’s typical, looks like Karma has come back to bite her in the ass for her shitty attitude!  Haha!”

Then I saw that it was also ALL OVER the news media and EVERYONE was talking about it.  Literally millions upon millions of people were descending like wolves upon all of her social media accounts and absolutely ripping her to shreds.  Even several famous celebrities took to social media to denounce her disgusting actions.  Rob Schneider hilariously tweeted “Webster’s new definition of the word ‘cunt’: ESPN’s Britt McHenry!!”  Having already seen for myself what kind of stuck up bitch Britt was in addition to seeing her true character shine forth on that video, watching the entire world hand her ass back to her was just glorious.  It reminded me of that internet meme featuring Morticia Addams sipping her tea and smiling with the quote “That moment when you witness Karma in its full glorious splendor.”  And it certainly didn’t help her credibility any that only a few days before unleashing this psychotic fury on an innocent person who was only trying to do her job, Britt had smugly posted THIS on her Facebook page:


Oh that’s rich!!  You certainly didn’t “take the high road” and “be nice” to that woman who was only trying to do her job and wasn’t even the actual person who towed your car!  Maybe it’s high time that you start practicing what you preach?  But these kind of flowery feel-good words that so many people post on their social media are merely for appearances and likes only.  We all know people who do this same shit on social media.  The vast majority of people who flood their social media accounts with quotes and memes about being a good, kind, non-judgmental person don’t take a single word of any of that garbage to heart.  They simply post shit like that to make themselves look like good people and to see how many “likes” it can generate.  BARF!!

The global angry mob finally took its toll on Britt and she caved in and deactivated her Facebook and changed her Instagram settings to private in order to stem the tide of angry messages and comments that were flooding into all of her social media accounts.  But first she went on a BIG unfriending and blocking spree.  According to one news source, Britt blocked a whopping 15,000 people on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  And she didn’t just block the people who posted messages and comments directly to her on social media, she apparently kept a watchful lookout for her name in the media and blocked ANYONE who even mentioned her name in a negative light.

blocked(Click on photo to read news article)

FIFTEEN-THOUSAND people???  Who the fuck has time to sit at their computer and block 15,000 people on social media???  You’d have to be a total loser with no life whatsoever in order to have that much time and inclination to block that many people for not kissing your ass!  But considering that Britt was suspended for one week following the leaked video of her psycho bitch tirade, I suppose she must have had a lot of free time on her hands that week.  What a shame that she wasted an entire week hiding away behind her computer like a coward and blocking 15,000 strangers on Twitter when she could have used that time to reflect on her actions and how she could improve herself to become a better person.  She even blocked other fellow news anchors on social media when they made remarks about her actions!  Yeah Britt, I’m sure acting like a three-year-old and blocking other colleagues in your job profession is going to REALLY improve your credibility among them as a serious news reporter.

Everyone appeared to be upset that Britt was merely suspended for a week and not fired for her actions.  Not only did she act horribly unprofessional ON CAMERA, but she also used her job position at ESPN to bully someone and threaten to sue them.  Sounds to me like that would be good grounds for termination when she dragged her employer into her temper tantrum.  And on top of that, everyone was even more pissed off when she issued a lame, half-assed apology a few days later…..on Twitter.


Are you kidding me??  Who the Hell issues an apology on TWITTER?!?  If Britt was so sorry and remorseful for her disgusting behavior, then why didn’t she call or go apologize to that woman in person??

Well it turns out there’s a little story behind that, too.  I later looked up the woman who works at the towing company—her name is Gina Michelle—and asked her about this incident.  And interestingly, she told me that as soon as Britt McHenry returned home Britt somehow looked her up and found her (Gina) on Facebook and immediately blocked her, assumingly to try to cover her ass in case the woman she bullied decided to take any action.  So there was no way that Britt could have ever apologized directly to Gina online and there is no way that Gina would have even been able to see Britt’s online apology to her because Britt had already blocked her from being able to see or contact her.

So that tells me that Britt’s half-assed apology was not genuine and was never intended to be seen by Gina.  It was merely a PR stunt to do damage control to her badly injured professional reputation.  Britt is in no way sorry for the way she acted and the horrible things she said to that woman.  She meant every word of what she said to her.  “Intense and stressful moments” don’t make people suddenly become mean; stressful moments cause people’s true character to show through.  What you saw on the video is exactly who Britt McHenry really is.  She is a Narcissistic, conceited, spoiled brat who thinks her shit doesn’t stink and that rules of law and etiquette don’t apply to her.  She will not hesitate to spit on anyone whom she views as beneath her.  I know the kind of person Britt McHenry is quite well, because I’m surrounded by lots of people just like her here in south Florida.

What’s even more appalling than Britt preemptively blocking and hiding from the woman she bullied is that prior to releasing the security video footage, Gina attempted to contact ESPN and tell them what their employee had done to her.  And instead of listening and responding to Gina’s complaint, ESPN ignored her and blocked her from all of their Facebook pages, too!!!  ESPN KNEW what their employee had done, and they chose to ignore it and do nothing about it.  So that’s when Gina decided that the only option left was to release the video footage of Britt throwing a psycho bitch fit and let the media take it from there.  It was only AFTER the video was released and the entire population came after Britt McHenry and ESPN with pitchforks that ESPN decided to do some image damage control and give Britt a very light punishment to make it appear as if they were upset by her actions.  But clearly they weren’t bothered by her behavior at all.

That makes no sense to me at all.  What kind of employer would turn a blind eye to one of their employees using her job title as a way to bully and degrade people in a post-drunken tantrum??  And if ESPN was so willing to fire Curt Schilling over making political statements on his own Facebook page, something that he has every right to do, then why did they refuse to fire Britt McHenry for verbally abusing someone in person?  Britt is very lucky that the towing office didn’t call the cops on her and have her arrested for Disorderly Conduct or some other charge.  Curt Schilling didn’t break the law, but I’m pretty sure Britt McHenry did, or at least came very close to it.

ESPN’s reluctance to even punish Britt McHenry for her actions, along with hiring her to work as an on-camera reporter at such a young age with very little experience, makes me wonder exactly what the Hell is really going on behind closed doors.  This was not the first time Britt had been caught mouthing off to people while employed at ESPN.  Several screenshots of prior cat fights she has gotten into with other news reporters and professional athletes quickly surfaced after her video went viral.  She even got into a nasty spat on Twitter with Mike Magee, calling him a “random nobody”.  Mike Magee was the 2013 MVP for the US Men’s Soccer Team, and yet Britt McHenry—who works for ESPN as a sports journalist and is supposed to know everything about the professional sports industry—had no idea who he was!!  Many people have wondered how someone who clearly displays such ignorance was hired by ESPN fresh out of college with NO real experience in sports journalism.  That, along with their reluctance to discipline her for her misconduct, makes me have to wonder if there have been some dirty deeds done behind closed doors in order to get her hired and keep her employed there, if you know what I mean.  During the aftermath of her disgusting video tirade, one of the executives at ESPN publicly commented that he had faith that Britt would rise up and prove herself to be a talented reporter.  That right there says it all:  ESPN is a very large, major network, so wouldn’t you expect anyone they hired to work for them to already be very talented and experienced at their job???  That executive basically admitted that ESPN hired Britt knowing she was a wet-behind-the-ears rookie reporter, so she was clearly NOT hired for her “talent” and “ability” at journalism.  She was hired solely for her looks…and very likely also because she was doing some “favors” for someone at ESPN, if you catch my drift.

Although it’s been a year since her embarassing incident, few if any people have forgotten or forgiven her for it.   I would say that her professional reputation and credibility as a news reporter has been irreparably harmed forever.  Despite her desperate attempts to block thousands of people from all of her social media accounts, people still post nasty comments to her about it to this day.  Of course, she still keeps a round-the-clock watch on all of her social media accounts and quickly deletes any negative comments that don’t kiss her ass and blocks the people who post them in true Narcissistic fashion.  Even the people who have given her gentle constructive criticism have been quickly blocked by her.  Geez, over-sensitive much??  But that kind of paranoid behavior is very common with people who have Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which I strongly suspect Britt has.  I’ve known several other people who have the disorder, and they all act exactly like her.

Britt has her own personal blog too, which was also dissected and ripped to shreds by the news media in the days following her scandal.  Apparently all Britt ever talks about on her blog is her looks, how she used to be a model, and how women in the media should be celebrated for their brains and job skills…..while at the same time posting selfies of herself in skimpy bikinis in the exact same posts.  Give me a break!  Look Britt, it’s clear to everyone that you are very vain and reeeeaaallly love your physical looks, so why not just be honest about it instead of trying to couch it in some sort of feminist empowerment rhetoric?  I’ve got plenty of photos of myself in bikinis at the beach, and I don’t post them in some weird backwards attempt to argue that women would be valued for their brains instead of their bodies.  I post them because I think they look good and I want to show them off.  If I want to discuss women being objectified, then I’ll post an actual discussion about it without sneaking in a scantily clad photo of myself during the discussion as a way to humble-brag.  If you think you’re God’s gift to the male species, then just come out and say so and cut the pseudo-feminist crap.  There is nothing at all feminist about you.

And since this is MY personal blog and I’m free to say what I want in it, here is my own two cents about Britt McHenry and her behavior:

First of all, who the Hell still calls themselves “Britt” at 30 years old???  Your name is Brittany, not Britt.  You’re a grown adult, not a ten year old, so grow up and act like it.

You think you’re so much better than everyone else just because you have a professional job, a college degree, a mouthful of teeth, and you used to be a model??  Well, here’s a news flash for you, “Baby Girl”:  I have a college degree.  I have a professional job.  I work in television.  I used to work as a model.  I have a mouthful of all my teeth, which are all real and not covered in fake veneers like yours are.  I have all of the same qualifications and accomplishments under my belt that you do.  In fact, I’ve got FOUR beauty pageant titles under my belt, which is something you DON’T have, so it looks like I’m one ahead of you, “sweetheart”.  But do you see me going around throwing my accomplishments and blessings in everyone’s faces and telling them how much better I am than them?  FUCK NO.  And that’s because I was raised to have some humility and treat people with basic respect and common courtesy, which you clearly WEREN’T.  Your parents obviously spoiled you rotten and allowed you to grow up into an entitled, Narcissistic cunt who thinks your shit doesn’t stink.  You really think you are so high and mighty and important just because you stand on the sidelines and hold a microphone in front of a television camera and ask athletes questions that are fed to you through an earpiece?  A monkey could do your job, honey.  I’ve held other professional jobs that you wouldn’t last a day in because you completely lack the “skill sets” necessary to do them.

There are more than plenty of other fake breasted, bleach blonde, bubble-headed young women out there with the same degree that you have who could easily take your place in a heartbeat.  And they DO because sideline reporters like yourself are hired more for your looks than your abilities as a journalist.  REAL news journalists like Diane Sawyer and Connie Chung have lasting tenure in their professions because they were hired for their impeccable journalism skills.  You, on the other hand, were hired solely for your sex appeal and will one day be quickly replaced in the blink of an eye the minute you begin to age and lose that sex appeal.  So go right ahead and flaunt your fake teeth and tits and bleach blonde hair while you still can, because it won’t last forever, Baby Girl.  Oh, and here’s a little advice to you from one fake blonde to another:  Ease up on the hair bleach and go with a little more natural color.  Bright yellow is the preferred hair color of porn stars, and the constant bleaching is making  your hair look like fried hay-straw.

You are a disgusting, piss-poor excuse for a human being.  Entitled, Narcissistic people like you piss me off to no end, because I came from humble beginnings myself and had to work very hard for everything I have now.  I didn’t have the fortune of being born with a silver spoon up my ass like you did.  And even after I earned a college degree and began working in a professional job, I still never forgot where I came from.  Back when I worked for the Employment Security Department of my home state, I spent a lot of time working closely with ordinary hard-working employees in various lines of work every day.  And every time I encountered these ordinary low wage earning workers, I always felt two things: Pity and Gratitude.

I felt pity towards many of those people who were not as lucky as I was to have a college education and a cushy professional job like I did.  And assisting these people through my work always reminded me how good I had it and made me damn grateful for the college education and professional job I had.  In all the years I held that job, NEVER ONCE did I ever rub my blessings in the faces of the less fortunate people I assisted through my job or tell them I was better than them for having what they didn’t.  I may have gone to college, but many people in my family didn’t, including my own parents.  So do you think my parents are “trash” and less worthy than you just because they don’t have college degrees, Britt?  I can guarantee you one thing, you’re damn lucky that the woman you bullied at that towing office had the restraint and patience of a saint.  Because if you had bullied any of MY loved ones for not having a college education or a professional job, then YOU would be the one with “missing teeth” because I would have knocked them all the way down your throat.  I’ve crossed your path before and seen what kind of disgusting person you are for myself, and I wouldn’t hesitate to open a can of whoop-ass on you if you ever dared to speak to me the way you spoke to that woman in the towing office.

I’ve had instances before where I received bad customer service from a business and had to complain about it to them.  But never in my life have I ever gotten personal and vulgar whenever I have felt the need to complain to a business or an agency about their service.  I have always kept my complaints limited to the issue at hand and never resorted to personal attacks.  What does that accomplish?  Nothing.

I already had zero amount of respect for ESPN after how they handled Bitch McHenry’s deplorable conduct, so I didn’t think my level of respect for them could possibly sink any lower until now.  If ESPN felt that they had an obligation to fire Curt Schilling for his political statements, then fine.  But they should have canned Britt McHenry the same way for her actions.  As long as Britt McHenry remains on their airwaves while other ESPN reporters continue to get fired for smaller offenses, I will never watch ESPN on any of my televisions (not that I ever did anyway) or support them in any way.  Quite frankly, seeing Britt McHenry’s heavily make-up plastered, air headed face on the TV screen “makes my skin crawl”.


2 thoughts on “The Hypocricy of ESPN”

  1. I agree with you. She should have been fired… too. The standard on-air performer contracts all contain a clause that says some version of “If you do anything, ANYWHERE that embarrasses our brand or our audience, we can suspend you, dock your pay, reassign or fire you.” (My wife worked at CBS for 30+ years as a news writer, and SHE had to sign one.) So there is no wall of privacy Curt can hide behind. He traded it for money and perks. The lesson is, if you want to be able to rant unobstructed, don’t sign a contract that includes penalties for doing it.

    I do think you and I are both inevitably missing something, as I expect anyone looking at the situations from outside would be. We don’t know what transpired behind closed doors between these two and their direct superiors. Maybe when called in for these matters Curt tossed a lot of attitude at his boss, and she begged for forgiveness from hers.


    1. I doubt she had to beg to keep her job, because as I mentioned in the blog, the woman at the towing office immediately reported McHenry’s actions to ESPN and they just ignored her and blocked her from all of their Facebook pages. They had no intention of doing anything about it until the video was released and caused too much backlash for them. And I have to wonder why ESPN was going to just ignore this and not even acknowledge what their employee did.


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