Childfree Life, Tropical Life

Sleepless Ocean Nights

There are many perks to being independent and childfree, and one of those perks is that I am free to indulge in whatever small pleasures I feel like at any time of the day or night.  So on those occasional nights when I am bored and/or unable to sleep and need something interesting to do, I take advantage of the fact that I live so close to the ocean and enjoy some quiet “Me Time” at the beach.  If I go there at night, I try to do this only when there is a full or near-full moon in the sky in order to provide me with plenty of light to see by.  Otherwise it’s like walking along in a vast, pitch black abyss of darkness.  Sitting or walking alongside the ocean in the middle of the night is absolutely the best way to think, meditate, and clear my head.  There is nothing more beautiful and peaceful than walking alone along the beach in the middle of the night or even taking a swim near the shoreline (if the tide is nice and calm and there is plenty of light to see by).  Each month during the full moon, the local beaches have late night drum circles where Caribbean drummers sit in circles under the pavilion beating on conga drums and waving glow sticks around.  It sounds just like something you’d hear in the jungles of the Congo in Africa, and you can hear them from several blocks away from the beach.  It is during moments like that when I feel truly awake and alive.


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