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Mermaid Stuff

Today multiple packages of mermaid goodies arrived at my house, and it’s not even my birthday or Christmas! I love days when multiple packages I’ve been waiting on arrive at the same time. 🙂

First this beautiful night light by one of my favorite artists, David Delamare, arrived featuring one of his best known mermaid images called “Mermaid and Moon”. I got this one from Ebay, but Delamare sells these on his own website as well. (And for cheaper than what I have found on Ebay, too.) I can’t wait to order a few more of these night lights featuring his other famous mermaid images and use them all around my house at night. They will make GREAT night lights for Lexi whenever I’m out of the house at night. I put this one in the laundry/storage room where her litter box is so that she will have plenty of soft light to see by when she “goes potty”. It looks so beautiful when it’s turned on, and I can’t wait to buy the others!!


The other package that arrived was a gift from my father that he purchased out of some Celtic magazine. It’s a big pewter sea shell bowl with a mermaid lying around the edge of it. He suggested I set it on my dresser and use it to hold earrings, but I’m going to find something a little bigger to fill it with since it would be too easy for Lexi to hop up on my dresser and nose around in it and swallow/choke on small earring parts. (She really is a lot like having a two-year-old toddler in here.) It’s very beautiful and it also looks very familiar….I think I may have had this item listed on my Amazon online Wish List. If so, then that’s one more item I can check off the list as “Bought And Mine”.


My father also included a long antique doily runner in the package. It’s the same runner that laid across my old vanity dresser table in my old bedroom back in Illinois. After Grandma died and our house was sold to outsiders, the entire family cleaned everything out of the house and my father took my old vanity table and antique chest of drawers to ship down to me in Florida. The chest of drawers is being shipped out tomorrow and will arrive in about a week. The vanity table will be shipped later after my father figures out a way to package it for shipping. It is from the early to mid-1800’s and I am the SIXTH generation to own it. The vanity table belonged to my great-great aunt Lita and is also from the 1800’s. I will be honored to have these antique family heirlooms in my home, and I can’t wait for them to arrive so I can begin using them again!! The chest of drawers will come in handy since I have more clothing items than a department store and have already run out of drawer space even though I own a walk-in closet, a huge dresser bureau, an armoire, AND several plastic drawer bins. And I plan to use the old vanity table as a hair-and-makeup table since my bathroom sinks aren’t adequately big enough for me to comfortably do my hair and make-up.


My father has sent me several mermaid housewarming gifts since I moved into my new place, and I’m always pleased with whatever he sends me. Last month he sent me a beautiful outdoor mermaid lantern light for my balcony. I LOVE that light. Needless to say, I’m a pretty easy person to shop for when it’s by birthday or Christmas. Just buy something with a mermaid on it, and I’m happy!!

So now the wait begins as I eagerly await the arrival of my old furniture pieces from my beloved home back in Illinois, that is now gone forever. These will be two more items from that house that I will hold onto in order to recreate the look, feel, and memories of my old home with Grandma.


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