Black Thumb

As I’ve been filling up my balcony with outdoor furniture and plants to accent it and make it look colorful and inviting, I’ve been trying my hand at this green thumb gardening stuff. It’s not going well. My green plants like my hanging ferns, my palm tree plant, and my orange bromeliad are doing just fine and thriving. But I can’t seem to keep any actual flowering bloom plants alive for more than two weeks. I have bought potted geraniums, impatiens, and petunias, and so far all of them have eventually withered and died. I try to follow the directions for watering and sunlight exposure as closely as I can, and I’ve even been feeding them Miracle Gro here and there, but nothing seems to be working.

My geraniums were doing quite well for a few weeks and even had four or five new buds preparing to bloom. But after the first day of summer-like heat and sun, they quickly turned brown and died. My petunias came with directions stating that they like lots of sun, so I have kept them sitting in spots that get the most sun. And yet little by little, their blooms have withered and died with few new blooms to replace them. A few days ago we got one or two heavy spring rain showers, and that must have dumped too much water into them because after the showers ended I noticed that all of my petunia plants had withered and died. I just now peeked outside of my patio door to see how my flowers are doing, and all of them are wilted over and dead. I just don’t get it. I think for now I’m going to stop trying to keep several flower plants and just stick to plain old green plants like ferns and palms for awhile since they all seem to be doing just fine. No sense in wasting more money on flowers that won’t last for more than a week or two.

This gardening stuff is a lot harder than I thought. I thought it would be fairly easy because my grandmother always kept a HUGE garden and outdoor patio area with tons of planted and hanging potted flowers everywhere. It was literally like walking through a botanical garden. Year after year she maintained it, and her flowers always looked absolutely perfect. She was definitely the Green Thumb Master!


I’ve had a few days where I just wanted to sit down and have a good long cry, because ordinarily I would have called her on the phone every other day or so to get tips and advice from her about my plants, and she would’ve known exactly what to tell me since she was an expert on this subject. She would have been absolutely elated to advise and guide me through learning how to maintain my own flower garden. But she isn’t here anymore, and now I’m left to try to figure all of this out on my own. I’ve gotten advice from one of my aunts about my flowers, but she’s not the Gardening Expert that Grandma was. It’s times likes these when I miss her the most. Having my own little garden area is another way that I have been trying to emulate Grandma and keep her essence alive throughout my home, but so far I’ve been failing miserably at it. I don’t seem to have much of a green thumb at all….I have more of a black thumb since every plant I try to grow dies.

I guess now my next chore is to go outside and get to work on throwing out all of the dead flower plants. And afterwards I think I’ll go back to the plant store and get some more ferns, palms, and bromeliads and just keep it simple for awhile. I just don’t have Grandma’s magical touch when it comes to flowers.


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