Home Improvement, Loss & Grief

Home Improvement

For the last ten months, my #1 focus has been fixing up and decorating the new home I moved into last May and making it my own unique sanctuary. Aptly nicknamed “The Mermaid Lair 2.0”, it is thoroughly color coordinated, furnished, and decorated to look like an undersea mermaid’s home. Obviously, most of my home decor is mermaids and nautical/beach themed. In fact, there are so many mermaids throughout every room of my home that my guests often like to play this little scavenger hunt game where they try count how many mermaids they can find throughout my home. But I’ve also taken a little Colonial and Victorian inspiration from my family’s home in Illinois.

Ever since my Grandmother suddenly passed away last November, I have found myself unconsciously emulating her style in both interior and outdoor home decorating. I even use the exact same laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, and air fresheners that she used so that I can make my home smell as just like hers did. I suppose it’s because I miss her and my home, and this is my little way of holding onto them both. Home decorating and design was her thing, and she was the MASTER of it. Every detail of our home was perfectly tailored to give off both an old rustic Colonial-American and an elegant Victorian vibe. It was so perfectly manicured and decorated that it could have easily been featured in a Better Home and Garden magazine issue. Neither the Colonial-American nor the Victorian look was ever really my thing, but I subconsciously find myself drifting to it and incorporating it into my own home decor now that Grandma is gone. And I must say, the elegant Victorian touches do compliment my nautical/beachy theme quite well.

My previous abode here in SoFla, the original Mermaid Lair, was already fully furnished and equipped with everything I needed. So when I moved into my new home last spring that was twice as big as my old home and NOT pre-furnished, I suddenly found myself completely overwhelmed with filling this eight room condo with furniture and decorating it to my unique specifications. Nearly a year later, I’m STILL working on it. I haven’t even BEGUN to furnish and decorate my spare bedroom yet. Recently I decided to make the entire process easier on myself by focusing on one room at a time. I have a list of what needs to be done to each room, and I check each item off the list once it has been purchased or completed. As of now, I only have a few minor tweaks to do to both of my bathrooms and my kitchen before they are completely done. My balcony is virtually finished now. My living room still has several things that need to be added to it, and like I said before, I haven’t even started on my spare bedroom yet. The one thing I can say about this is that furnishing and decorating a new home requires A LOT of MONEY….and that in turn requires A LOT of WORKING. So these days I work my ass off to make a lot of money that I quickly turn around and spend on my home. It’s been a never-ending cycle. And the amount of time and money I have invested into making this place my own is immeasurable.

When I go to work each day, I’m usually all pumped up thinking about all of the beautiful and awesome things I’ll get to buy for my house with the profits I’ll make that day. But some days I’m just absolutely burnt out and don’t feel like doing Jack Squat. I don’t feel like I’ve really gotten to pause and enjoy this new home because I’m always so busy working at my job so I can afford to do work on my home. And I’m afraid that it will take so long to completely finish this place that by the time I’m finished it will be time to upgrade and move into an even bigger and better place. But it’s coming along very nicely though. I recently finished furnishing and decorating both my front porch area and my balcony, and it’s just absolutely perfect. My balcony has definitely become my favorite new area of the house to just chill and relax. Now if I could just get the hang of this gardening thing and keep all of the flower plants I buy from dying a week or two later!!


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