Tropical Life

Surviving Through Irma

Hurricane Irma ravaged through South Florida on Sunday September 9th.  The storm only lasted 24 hours before leaving my area, but it inflicted A LOT of damage in its wake. Continue reading “Surviving Through Irma”

Stupid People

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!

I’d like to take a break from writing about death to post something amusing.  And as crazy as this is, I’m sure that almost everyone who reads this can relate to this and has dealt with this same type of person at least once in their lives. Continue reading “You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!”

My Pets

Our Newest Addition to the Family

I’m quite late in posting about this, but life has been pretty hectic this summer and blogging just sort of slipped down to the bottom of my priority list.  But better late than never I guess.  On May 25th of this summer, we finally welcomed a new kitty into our home:  a sweet new boy!! Continue reading “Our Newest Addition to the Family”