One Chapter Ends And Another Begins

It’s been awhile since I’ve sat down and posted on my blog, but A LOT has been happening lately that has kept my mind and focus occupied elsewhere.  There are some BIG things happening in my life right now!!! Continue reading “One Chapter Ends And Another Begins”


Let’s Talk About Gun Control: Views From a Reasonable and Responsible Gun Enthusiast

With all of the nonstop stories in the news lately about gun massacres and accidents, it’s high time that I put in my own two cents on this issue and talk about guns from the viewpoint of a reasonable and RESPONSIBLE gun-enthusiast.  And I have criticisms for BOTH sides of the issue, so brace yourselves.

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Ghost Hunting

Yesterday a co-worker and I were talking about ghosts….always an interesting and fun topic.  She’s originally from New Orleans, and she was showing me photos she had taken of one of the old cemeteries there.  One of her photos contained an image that sort of looked like the head and upper body of a ghostly figure above a gravestone. Continue reading “Ghost Hunting”


Short and Proud

Believe it or not, the subject of this blog post is not something I have ever talked about much.  I honestly have no idea why I’ve never spoken much about it, because the whole story from start to finish is actually very inspirational and uplifting.  Looking back on it now, I don’t know why I haven’t shouted out about this from the mountaintops.   Continue reading “Short and Proud”


Stop Equating “Modesty” with Respect!

The time has come for me write something about the topic of shaming women for their clothing choices or the amount of skin they show.  I’ve dealt with it countless times in my own life, and I’ve seen countless other women have to deal with it.  It’s a load of antiquated, misogynistic horseshit that has no place in 2018 A.D. and needs to finally go the way of the dinosaurs. Continue reading “Stop Equating “Modesty” with Respect!”

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My Pro-Choice Manifesto

In honor of the 45th anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court ruling, I thought I would pen a blog post about abortion.  Always a fun topic.  I actually enjoy writing about topics pertaining to reproductive rights because I know so much about the subject and have spent fifteen years studying everything I can about it in my spare time. Continue reading “My Pro-Choice Manifesto”

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Britt McHenry Is Still Being a Bully

I’ve mentioned before that I occasionally use Twitter.  It’s not my favorite social media platform and there are a few things about Twitter that I don’t like, but Twitter seems to be the #1 platform for people to argue about politics and social issues.  And since I’m very vocal about political and social issues, last year I decided to finally join the bandwagon and join Twitter.  But it’s 280 character limit for tweet posts and it’s wonky privacy settings leave much to be desired.

My biggest issue with Twitter is that if you make your profile private, you aren’t able to interact with anyone who doesn’t follow you.  I value my privacy, especially on a platform like Twitter that is notorious for attracting large numbers of White Supremacists, Neo-Nazi’s, bots, misogynists, fringe extremists on both sides of the political spectrum, and all sorts of scary and unsavory people.  So since I have to keep my profile public in order to interact with others, I go the extra length to keep my identity protected by not posting my name, any photos of myself, or any other identifying information about myself on my Twitter profile.  I have everything decorated and filled out, but you would never know my Twitter profile belonged to me if you were to see it.  Anonymity is safety on Twitter.  And whenever I come across a profile that I can quickly identify as one of those unsavory types, or even just someone that I know and do not like, I immediately block them.  Better safe than sorry.

Yesterday I had a long busy day and wasn’t able to log into Twitter until the early evening.  And when I did, I could immediately tell that a large shit storm was underway.  Based on numerous angry tweets by other users and a few news articles that were posted to Twitter, I was able to quickly deduce that failed former sports news reporter and wannabe political pundit Britt McHenry had once again gotten herself into hot water by running her mouth….this time to the surviving family of a famous newscaster who passed away a year ago.  I don’t know what started it, but apparently Britt said some NASTY things to the adult children of this deceased reporter, and on the anniversary date of his death, no less.  That’s pretty low!

Needless to say, this family fought back and slammed McHenry pretty good.  And then everyone else in the Twitter-verse joined in to slam McHenry, too.  I don’t follow sports at all, but this guy must have been a very well known and beloved public figure.  Everybody was just PISSED OFF about this.  It was basically her two truck video rant incident all over again.  So in a desperate attempt to deflect the negative attention away from her and elicit some sympathy, McHenry apparently tried to bring up her mother’s past battle with cancer and use that as some kind of ploy for sympathy from the public.  It didn’t work.  It only made everyone MORE mad that she tried to use her mother’s illness as a distraction from her actions.

Naturally, when I saw all of these people tweeting about this incident, I joined in and responded to a few.  Now just to be clear on this, I did NOT tweet at McHenry.  I did not tag her username.  I did directly communicate with her at all.  I merely replied to tweets posted by other people about this incident.  And I pretty much agreed with them that she was a horrid person who has no respect for anyone and can’t resist bullying people.  Nothing that I nor anyone else hasn’t said about her before.  And for the record, I have every legal right to speak my opinion about a famous public figure.  This is no different than if I were commenting about President Trump, Kim Kardashian, or any other famous person.  I think we can all agree on that here.

Well Britt was understandably in a very pissy mood from all the thousands of people who were descending on her in droves, and it probably didn’t help any that her attempt to use her mother as a sympathy ploy didn’t succeed in deflecting all that negative attention away from her.  Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised if she had knocked back a few adult beverages to deal with the stress, either.  And since Britt knows who I am because her best friend used to know me and has been holding a grudge at me for years, apparently she didn’t waste any time creeping over to my Twitter profile to see if I had mentioned anything about her latest screw-up.  I emphasize the word creep because I BLOCKED Britt from my Twitter account long ago, so she has no business snooping through my tweets and has to take steps in order to get around the block to do so.  Seeing that I had criticized and laughed at her again most likely made her fill her diaper with even more crap.  And since the tactic with her mother hadn’t succeeded in getting people to stop ripping into her, she decided to try a different tactic and use ME as a tool to distract people from her behavior.

A follower of mine on Twitter who actually knows me alerted me to what Britt did next.  This crazy bitch actually DOXXED me on her public celebrity Twitter profile.  As in she posted my FULL NAME, tagged my Twitter username handle with it, posted personal information about me, and informed the world that she “had lawyers watching and recording every word I wrote on Twitter” and that she was going to “see me in court for cyber-stalking”.

What.  The.  FUCK????!?!?!?!?

So let me see if I have this straight here:  I BLOCKED you on Twitter nearly a year ago, I replied to tweets posted by other Twitter users about your latest ugly incident since you are a FAMOUS PUBLIC FIGURE, you deliberately took steps to find a way around my block so that you could snoop on my profile, you saw comments from me about your latest fiasco in the news, you got all butt hurt over it, and so you try to retaliate against me and use me as a way to distract people from criticizing you by fucking doxxing me on your public Twitter profile and claiming that you’re some kind of victim of “cyber-stalking”…..after YOU went creeping through my profile that I had already BLOCKED YOU from???  Oh HELL NO!!!!  No,  no, no, no, no…..just no!

And in case you might think that this isn’t a big deal, let me explain something to you.  I have an EXTREMELY UNIQUE name.  I’ve done some searching, and there does not seem to be a single other person in this entire country–maybe even the entire world–who has the same first and last name as me.  So if someone sees my name and does an internet search of my name, they WILL quickly find me.  Not only that, but Britt McHenry is a famous public figure who has close to half a million followers on Twitter….and a large percentage of her followers are those same scary, mentally unstable, unsavory people I mentioned earlier.  Ever since she tried to become a Right Wing Conservative political pundit, her base followers and fans are Far Right extremists who worship Trump and lack common sense and critical thinking skills and are prone to anger…..definitely not the type of people I want coming after me!!  So Britt basically put me in danger by doxxing me on her public Twitter profile.

I had no choice but to call the police and file a complaint when I discovered this.  And thanks to a Twitter pal of mine who warned McHenry that I had contacted the police and that she would be wise to delete the tweet with my personal information in it, she soon made the wise decision to delete it.  But that same Twitter friend also DM’ed me shortly after and alerted me that McHenry had also posted the same thing about me on her public Facebook page that has several thousand friends/followers.  This time she left my name out of the post, but she again crowed that she had a team of lawyers watching my every word on Twitter and that she would “see me in court”.  Again, I fail to see how a famous public figure can take steps to creep on someone’s Twitter page after they’ve been blocked and then cry wolf and claim they are being “cyberstalked” when they see unflattering comments posted about them.  She wouldn’t have even seen my replies to these other Twitter users in the first place if she hadn’t gone snooping.  None of my replies were sent to her.  She is BLOCKED.  I do not have any direct communication with her and do not wish to.  There is no law against a private citizen engaging in a critical or mocking conversation about a celebrity or public figure.  The law is quite clear on this.  The more famous you are, the less immunity you have against people criticizing you or mocking you.  As POTUS, Donald Trump has the LEAST amount of immunity from criticism or mockery.  That’s the beauty of living in America where we have the right to Free Speech!   And as someone who claims to be such a “staunch Conservative” and wants so badly to be a Right Wing political pundit, you would think she would understand this and would proudly uphold our First Amendment Rights.  I guess to people like her our basic rights and freedoms are only okay as long as they don’t inconvenience her or make her look bad.  Very typical of most modern Republicans today!!  According to her logic, if I post comments making fun of President Trump or any other public figure, then that means I’m “stalking” them.  Well then I guess that means I’m a serial cyberstalker then, because I criticize and mock Trump and many other well known politicians and White House staffers on a near daily basis!!!

But what is so goddamn IRONIC about this nonsense is that I have literally caught Britt McHenry red-handed targeting and harassing me online through fake Twitter accounts.  I’ve caught her at least TWICE so far!!  The first time I was able to definitely prove that it was indeed her.  When she created her first fake Twitter account posing as a female Eagles fan named “Emilia Buck”, she registered the fake account under her own phone number….the same phone number she registered with her official verified public figure Twitter account.


This was pretty easy to find, and she immediately deleted the fake account as soon as I publicly posted this image on my Twitter account.  And to this day, if anyone who knows about this mentions the name “Emilia Buck” to her, she completely ignores it and won’t even acknowledge it.  She knows she was caught.

A few months ago, I was suddenly ambushed by another obviously fake Twitter account that had only recently been opened a few weeks earlier.  Although this one claimed to be some random male sports fan in California, the content of the tweets and the pattern of harassment was identical to that of the Emilia Buck profile.  Numerous tweets about how gorgeous, wealthy, successful, educated, and perfect Britt McHenry was while the rest of the tweets were attacks against random people who had mentioned her name in a negative way.  Same shit, different profile.  I immediately smelled a rat when this unknown new Twitter profile I had never interacted with before somehow knew my name, where I lived, where I had gone to school, where I used to work, what I looked like, how old I was, and even how tall I was!!   This one even went and dug up OLD PICTURES of me from online and posted them!!!  Let me reiterate again that there is NO identifying information about me listed anywhere on my Twitter profile at all….NONE.  And when I asked this troll account how they knew so much about me, the response was “My boys in Miami have seen you before years ago and remembered you.  They thought you were psycho and told me about  you.

RIIIIIIIGGGGGHHHHHT.  First of all, I don’t even live in Miami, never have, and rarely even GO TO Miami.  Second, I interact with strangers as little as possible around here.  Florida is a state full of weird and shady people, and I don’t like most of them, so I mostly keep to myself and give out as little information about myself as possible to people I interact with.  And third, if you expect me to believe that some random dude 3,000 miles away from me in California who has never met me and never interacted with me on Twitter before just HAPPENS to have heard all about me from some “bros” in Miami….a city I rarely ever visit…who somehow know far more information about me than I even give out to people I actually know, made sure to tell YOU about running into some random woman in Florida years ago, and then you were just somehow magically able to find my Twitter account and know that I am that random woman you were once told about….despite there being NO identifying clues or information about me on my Twitter account….well then I have some oceanfront property in Wyoming to sell you.  Yeah, this “story” of yours has so many huge gaping holes in it that I could drive a semi truck through it.  Listen, don’t insult my intelligence.  Even someone with a double digit IQ could quickly see that this isn’t just some random stranger who just happens to know who I am despite me using an anonymous Twitter account.  This is someone who KNOWS who I am and has a major grudge against me.  Enough of a grudge that even after I blocked them, they STILL continued to find ways to monitor my Twitter activity, post vulgar and slanderous tweets about me, and jump into every Twitter conversation I engaged in and post tweets at me in the replies of other users.  That’s no random stranger, that’s someone with an angry agenda!

Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to show hard indisputable proof that this other account belongs to Britt McHenry, but it’s pretty obvious to anyone who looked at it that she was behind it.  The insults were all the exact same as what she usually throws at people, the same outdated and incorrect information about me that she is known to peddle, and the same targeted attacks on anyone who mentioned her name in a negative light.  The targeted harassment from this account abruptly stopped a month and a half ago.  I have no idea why, but something made it go quiet.  And recently I discovered that this sketchy account changed its name, appearance, and privacy settings.  So who knows what’s up with that.